Action Bass Cheats

Action Bass cheats, and Codes for PSX.

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Action Bass Cheats

Larger fish
Pause game play, hold Select, and press L2, R2, R1, Up. Alternately, pause game play, hold Select, and press L2, R2, L1, R1, Up, Down.

Bonus levels:
Complete challenge mode to unlock two more levels.

More lures:
A new lure will become available for each level in challenge mode that is completed.


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Game Shark Codes
Unlock All Areas & Extra Option 3006F463 0001
Unlock Lucky Usachan Lure 3006F462 0001
Unlock Noisy Lure 3006F461 0001
Unlock Rubber Jig Lure 3006F460 0001
Unlock Buzz Bait Lure 3006F45F 0001
Unlock Crank Bait Lure 3006F45E 0001
Infinite Time 800CFDE0 2955
Max Total Weight 800CFDF8 6EAA
Low Line Tension 800C9200 0000
High Lure Action 800C9190 0200
Low Lure Action 800C9190 0000
Lure Modifier 800D565C 00??
Press L1 to Instantly Reel-In D00677E0 0004
800C91F8 0032
Instant Catch When Hooked D006F438 0001
800C91F8 0032
Stop/Start Timer (Press R1 + Select/R2 + Select) D00677E0 0108
80093AF2 2400
D00677E0 0102
80093AF2 AC43
Press L2 + Select to Have a Fish on the Hook D00677E0 0101
800C9198 0003
D00677E0 0101
800C9D00 9D14
D00677E0 0101
800C9D02 8015
Max Weight Total 800CFDF8 FFFF
Quantity Digits To Accompany Lure Modifier Code
00 - Minnow
01 - Popper
02 - Spinner Bait
03 - Vibration
04 - Pencil
05 - Crank Bait
06 - Buzz Bait
07 - Rubber Jig
08 - Noisy
09 - Lucky Usachan
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