Act Of War: Direct Action

Act Of War: Direct Action Cheats

Act Of War: Direct Action cheats, Passwords, and Codes for PC.


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All Codes
Enter cheat codes at the "secured line" box (key [ENTER]) Most of the cheats summon the item at the current screen.
PasswordWhat it does
ineedalltechnosunlock all the buildings
coolimthepresidentSummon US president
ymcaSummon US cop
greenjellySummon UK cop
swatatyourordersSummon Swat
motherrussiaSummon M80 tank at current screen
coolihaveanewcarSummon CIA armored van
blackhawkdownSummon anti-aircraft missle
bringoutthedeadSummon Ambulance
duckhuntSummon a flying duck
keyholemasterReveal map
yeepeekayenuke the screen
fortknoxAdd $1000
Code Cheats
While playing in singler player mode press ENTER. Then enter one of the following cheat codes:
PasswordWhat it does
fortknoxRecieve $1000
yeepeekayeDrop a nuke on the screen
keyholemasterReveal the entire map
ineedalltechnosUnlimited money and entire tech tree unlocked
swatatyourordersspawn S.W.A.T member
coolihaveanewcarspawn CIA Armored SUV
motherrussiaspawn Russian M80 Tank
coolimthepresidentspawn the President of the United States of America
ymcaspawn U.S. police officer