Abadox: The Deadly Inner War

  • Released on Mar 1, 1990
  • By Natsume for NES

Abadox: The Deadly Inner War review
Not worth diving into at all

The good:

Fast, intense action. Cool variety of weapons.

The bad:

Ridiculously high difficulty level. Subpar graphics plagues by slowdown and other problems.


Abadox is a classic example of a company overhyping a pitiful game to otherwise make it look playable. The story's almost right out of a bad low-budget flick: You have to fly through waves of aliens and actually inside a big bad one itself to save this princess and thus the planet. Doesn't sound too bad on paper but once you play it you'll see why it's bad.
While the graphics aren't terrible, the flicker & slowdown are sometimes just beyond belief and take away from the decently detailed backgrounds. The sound effects are actually passable and the music actually is OK, but the Game Over & end credits music will have you reaching for the mute button. The controls are quite responsive for a shooter, especially once you get powered up and you find yourself flying all over the screen like you're the Road Runner! The big complaint is the difficulty level-it starts out manageable at first, but after the first stage if you lose a life, it'll get to the point of near-unmanageableness. You'll quickly get frustrated and give up in disgust over it.
The gameplay issues take an otherwise passable shooter and really knock it down a few notches. This one's only worth renting if you want an exercise in serious frustration, otherwise just rent a cheesy horror flick and get your disgusting stuff that way.

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