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TitleGenreReleasedNet ScoreUser ScoreDiscuss
A Real Job Comedy 2001 Forum
A Reason to Live, A Reason to Die Western 1974 Forum
A Resurrection Horror 2013 Forum
A River Runs Through It Drama 1992 Forum
A Romance of the Redwoods Western 1917 Forum
A Room for Romeo Brass Comedy 2000 Forum
A Room With A View Drama 1986 Forum
A Rumor of Angels Drama 2002 Forum
A Run for Your Money Comedy 1950 Forum
R.I.P.D. Action 2013 Forum
R.O.D. - Read or Die Anime 2000 Forum
R.P.M. Drama 1970 Forum
R.S.V.P. Comedy 2002 Forum
R.V. Comedy 2006 Forum
Rabbit Hole Drama 2010 Forum
Rabbit-Proof Fence Adventure 2002 Forum
Race the Sun Adventure 1996 Forum
Race To Space Family 2002 Forum
Race to Witch Mountain Action 2009 Forum
Race You To The Bottom Drama 2007 Forum
Rachel Getting Married Romance 2008 Forum
Racing Stripes Animation 2005 Forum
Racing With The Moon Drama 1984 Forum
Radio Drama 2003 Forum
Radio Days Comedy 1987 Forum
Radio Flyer Drama 1992 Forum
Radioland Murders Comedy 1994 Forum
Rage Drama 1972 Forum
Rage Drama 2009 Forum
Rage Thriller 2014 Forum
Rage Against the Machine Musical Forum
Rage Against The Machine - Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium Musical Forum
Rage Against the Machine: The Battle of Mexico City Musical Forum
Raggedy Man Drama 1981 Forum
Raging Bull Drama 1980 Forum
Ragtime Drama 1982 Forum
Rahxephon Anime Forum
RahXephon 5: Synaesthesia Anime Forum
RahXephon Vol. 2: Tonal Pattern Anime Forum
RahXephon Vol. 3: Harmonic Convergence Anime Forum
RahXephon Vol. 4: Dissonance Anime Forum
RahXephon Vol. 7: Crescendo Anime Forum
RahXephon Vol.6: Aria Anime Forum
Rahxephon: Complete Collection Anime Forum
Rahxephon: Pluralitas Concentio Anime Forum
Raid on Entebbe Drama 1977 Forum
Raid on Rommel War 1971 Forum
Raiders of Old California Western 1957 Forum
Rail Kings Action 2005 Forum
Rain Man Drama 1988 Forum
Raining Stones Drama 1993 Forum
Raintree County Romance 1957 Forum
Raise the Titanic Adventure 1980 Forum
Raise Your Voice Drama 2004 Forum
Raising Arizona Comedy 1987 Forum
Raising Cain Horror 1992 Forum
Raising Helen Comedy 2004 Forum
Raising Hope: Season 1 Television 2010 Forum
Raising Hope: Season 2 Television 2011 Forum
Raising Hope: Season 3 Television 2012 Forum
Raising Tennis Aces - The Williams Story Drama 2002 Forum
Raising the Bar: Season 1 Television 2008 Forum
Raising the Bar: Season 2 Television 2009 Forum
Rambling Rose Drama 1991 Forum
Rambo Action 2008 Forum
Rambo - First Blood Part II Adventure 1985 Forum
Rambo III Adventure 1988 Forum
Ramona and Beezus Family 2010 Forum
Rampage Action 2009 Forum
Rampage Thriller 1992 Forum
Rampart Crime 2012 Forum
Ramrod Western 1947 Forum
Ran War 1985 Forum
Rancho Deluxe Comedy 1975 Forum
Random Hearts Mystery 1999 Forum
Randy & the Mob Comedy 2007 Forum
Randy Rides Alone Western 1934 Forum
Rangers Action 2000 Forum
Rango Animation 2011 Forum
Ransom Adventure 1996 Forum
Rapid Exchange Action 2003 Forum
Rapid Fire Adventure 1992 Forum
Rappin' Drama 1985 Forum
Rapture-Palooza Comedy 2013 Forum
Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale Action 2010 Forum
Rascal Family 1969 Forum
Rashomon Crime 1951 Forum
Raspberry Magic Drama 2010 Forum
Rat Comedy 2000 Forum
Rat Race Comedy 2001 Forum
Ratatouille Animation 2007 Forum
Ratcatcher Drama 2000 Forum
Rated X Drama 2000 Forum
Ratko: The Dictator's Son Comedy 2009 Forum
Raven Adventure 1997 Forum
Ravenous Horror 1999 Forum
Raw Deal Adventure 1986 Forum
Raw Meat Horror 1973 Forum
Raw Nerve Thriller 2000 Forum
Rawhide Western 1951 Forum
Ray Drama 2004 Forum
Ray Donovan: Season 1 Television 2013 Forum
Ray Donovan: Season 2 Television 2014 Forum
Ray Donovan: Season 3 Television 2015
Raze Action 2013 Forum
Razor Blade Smile Horror 1998 Forum
Razorback Thriller 1984 Forum
Re-Animator Horror 1985 Forum
Reach Me Drama 2014 Forum
Ready to Rumble Comedy 2000 Forum
Ready to Wear Comedy 1994 Forum
Ready? OK! Comedy 2008 Forum
Real Genius Comedy 1985 Forum
Real Men Comedy 1987 Forum
Real Steel Action 2011 Forum
Real Time Comedy 2008 Forum
Reality Comedy 2015
Reality Bites Comedy 1994 Forum
Reap the Wild Wind Adventure 1942 Forum
Reaper - Season One Television 2007 Forum
Rear Window Thriller 1954 Forum
Reasonable Doubt Thriller 2014 Forum
Rebel Music: The Bob Marley Story Documentary 2001 Forum
Rebel Rousers Crime 1970 Forum
Rebel Without a Cause Drama 1955 Forum
Rebelde - Complete Second Season Television Forum
Rebelde - First Season Television Forum
Rebound Comedy 2005 Forum
Recess - School's Out Animation 2001 Forum
Reckless Comedy 1935 Forum
Reckless + Wild Comedy 2000 Forum
Recoil Action 2012 Forum
Record Of Lodoss War DVD Collection Anime Forum
Red Action 2010 Forum
Red Thriller 2008 Forum
Red 2 Action 2013 Forum
Red Band Society Television 2014
Red Cliff Action 2009 Forum
Red Corner Adventure 1997 Forum
Red Dawn Action 2012 Forum
Red Dawn Adventure 1984 Forum
Red Dirt Drama 2000 Forum
Red Dragon Horror 2002 Forum
Red Dwarf - Series 1 Television 1989 Forum
Red Dwarf - Series 2 Television 1989 Forum
Red Dwarf - Series 3 Television 1989 Forum
Red Dwarf - Series 4 Television 1989 Forum
Red Dwarf - Series 5 Television Forum
Red Dwarf Series VI Television Forum
Red Dwarf Series VII Television Forum
Red Dwarf Series VIII Television Forum
Red Dwarf: All the Shows Television Forum
Red Dwarf: Back to Earth Television Forum
Red Eye Drama 2005 Forum
Red Faction: Origins Sci-Fi 2011 Forum
Red Firecracker, Green Firecracker Drama 1995 Forum
Red Green Television 2001 Forum
Red Heat Adventure 1988 Forum
Red Hook Summer Drama 2012 Forum
Red Letters Crime 2000 Forum
Red Lights Thriller 2004 Forum
Red Lights Thriller 2012 Forum
Red Planet Sci-Fi 2000 Forum
Red Riding Hood Mystery 2011 Forum
Red Riding Hood... And More James Marshall Fairy Tale Favorites Animation 2004 Forum
Red Riding: In the Year of our Lord 1974 Crime 2010 Forum
Red Riding: In the Year of Our Lord 1980 Crime Forum
Red Riding: In the Year of Our Lord 1983 Crime 2010 Forum
Red River Western 1948 Forum
Red River Range Western 1938 Forum
Red Rock West Mystery 1994 Forum
Red Roses and Petrol Drama 2008 Forum
Red Sands Horror 2009 Forum
Red Scorpion Action 1989 Forum
Red Sonja Fantasy 1985 Forum
Red State Horror 2011 Forum
Red Sun Western 1972 Forum
Red Tails Action 2012 Forum
Redacted War 2007 Forum
RedBelt Drama 2008 Forum
Redemption Drama 2004 Forum
Redemption Thriller 2013 Forum
Redemption Road Drama 2011 Forum
Redemption: For Robbing the Dead Western 2011 Forum
Redirecting Eddie Comedy 2008 Forum
Redline Sci-Fi 1998 Forum
Reds Drama 1981 Forum
Reef 2: High Tide Animation 2012 Forum
Reflections in a Golden Eye Drama 1967 Forum
Refuge from the Storm Drama 2012 Forum
Refugee Drama 2000 Forum
Regarding Henry Drama 1991 Forum
Reggie's Prayer Drama 1997 Forum
Rehearsal for Murder Mystery 1982 Forum
Reign - The Conqueror - Ascension Anime Forum
Reign of Fire Sci-Fi 2002 Forum
Reign Over Me Drama 2007 Forum
Reign: The Conqueror Box Set Anime Forum
Reindeer Games Adventure 2000 Forum
Relative Strangers Comedy 2006 Forum
Relax ... It's Just Sex Comedy 1998
Release Drama Forum
Relentless Crime 1989 Forum
Relic Hunter - Best of Seasons 1 & 2 Television Forum
Rembrandt's J'Accuse Documentary 2009 Forum
Remedy Crime 2005 Forum
Remember Me Drama 2010 Forum
Remember Me, My Love Comedy 2004 Forum
Remember the Titans Drama 2000 Forum
Remington Steele: Season 1 Television 1982 Forum
Remington Steele: Season 2 Television 1983 Forum
Remington Steele: Season 3 Television 1984 Forum
Remington Steele: Season 4 & 5 Television 1985 Forum
Remo Williams - The Adventure Begins Action 1985 Forum
Removal Thriller 2010 Forum
Ren And Stimpy - Seasons 1 and 2 Television Forum
Renaissance Animation 2006 Forum
Rendition Thriller 2007 Forum
Renegade Western 2004 Forum
Renegades Crime 1989 Forum
Reno 911! - Most Wanted Television Forum
Reno 911!: Season 2 Television 2004 Forum
Reno 911!: Miami Comedy 2007 Forum
Reno 911!: Season 1 Television 2003 Forum
Reno 911!: Season 3 Television 2005 Forum
Reno 911!: Season 4 Television 2006 Forum
Reno 911!: Season 5 Television 2008 Forum
Reno 911!: Season 6 Television 2009 Forum
Rent Musical 2005 Forum
Replicant Sci-Fi 2001 Forum
Repo Man Comedy 1984 Forum
Repo Men Action 2010 Forum
Repossessed Comedy 1990 Forum
Repulsion Thriller 1965 Forum
Requiem for a Dream Drama 2000 Forum
Requiem for a Heavyweight Sports 1962 Forum
Rescue Dawn War 2007 Forum
Rescue Me - The Complete First Season Television 2004 Forum
Rescue Me - The Complete Fourth Season Television 2007 Forum
Rescue Me - The Complete Second Season Television 2005 Forum
Rescue Me - The Complete Third Season Television 2006 Forum
Rescue Me: Season 5 Television 2009 Forum
Rescue Me: Season 6 & 7 Sports 2010 Forum
Reservoir Dogs Adventure 1992 Forum
Resident Evil Adventure 2002 Forum
Resident Evil: Afterlife Horror 2010 Forum
Resident Evil: Apocalypse Action 2004 Forum
Resident Evil: Degeneration Horror 2008 Forum
Resident Evil: Extinction Action 2007 Forum
Resident Evil: Retribution Action 2012 Forum
Respiro Comedy 2002 Forum
Restitution Thriller 2011 Forum
Restless Drama 2011 Forum
Restless Natives Comedy 1986 Forum
Restoration Drama 1994 Forum
Restraining Order Drama 2006 Forum
Restrepo Documentary 2010 Forum
Results Comedy 2015
Resurrecting the Champ Drama 2007 Forum
Resurrection Drama 1999 Forum
Resurrection Mary Thriller 2008 Forum
Retreat, Hell! War 1952 Forum
Retroactive Sci-Fi 1997 Forum
Retrograde Action 2004 Forum
Return Drama 2012 Forum
Return from Witch Mountain Adventure 1978 Forum
Return of Sabata Western 1972 Forum
Return of the Dragon Adventure 1973 Forum
Return of the Killer Tomatoes Comedy 1988 Forum
Return of the Secaucus 7 Drama 1980 Forum
Return to Horror High Horror 1987 Forum
Return to Me Comedy 2000 Forum
Return to Never Land Animation 2002 Forum
Return to Oz Family 1985 Forum
Return to Paradise Mystery 1998 Forum
Return to Paradise Drama 1953 Forum
Return to Sleepaway Camp Horror 2010 Forum
Return to the Blue Lagoon Adventure 1991 Forum
Returner Adventure 2003 Forum
Reunion in France Romance 1942 Forum
Reuniting the Rubins Comedy 2012 Forum
Revanche Thriller Forum
Revelation Road 2: The Sea of Glass and Fire Action 2013 Forum
Revelation Road: The Beginning of the End Action 2013 Forum
Revelations Television Forum
Revenge Adventure 1990 Forum
Revenge for Jolly! Comedy 2013 Forum
Revenge of the Nerds Comedy 1984 Forum
Revenge of the Nerds I & II Comedy 1984 Forum
Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise Comedy 1987 Forum
Revenge of the Nerds III: The Next Generation Comedy 1992 Forum
Revenge of the Red Baron Adventure 1994 Forum
Revengers Tragedy Drama 2003 Forum
Reversal of Fortune Drama 1990 Forum
Reversible Errors Thriller 2004 Forum
Review: Season 1 Television 2014 Forum
Revoloution Drama 2006 Forum
Revolution Drama 1985 Forum
Revolution: Season 1 Television 2012 Forum
Revolution: Season 2 Television 2013 Forum
Revolutionary Road Drama 2009 Forum
Revolver Crime 2007 Forum
Revue Documentary 2009 Forum
Rey Mysterio 619 Sports Forum
Rhapsody in August Drama 1991 Forum
Rhea Gall Force Anime Forum
Rhinestone Comedy 1984 Forum
Richard III Drama 1995 Forum
Richard Pryor: I Ain't Dead Yet, #*%$#@! Comedy Forum
Richard Pryor: Live in Concert Comedy 1979 Forum
Richard Scarry's Best ABC Video Ever! Animation 1990 Forum
Richard Scarry's Best Counting Video Ever! Animation 1990 Forum
Richard Scarry's Best Learning Songs Video Ever! Animation 1993 Forum
Richard The Lionheart Adventure 2014 Forum
Richie Rich Family 1994 Forum
Rick and Morty: Season 1 Television 2013 Forum
Ricki and the Flash Drama 2015
Rickson Gracie: Choke Sports 1998 Forum
Ricky Drama 2009 Forum
Ricky Gervais Live 2: Politics Comedy Forum
Ricky Gervais Live: Animals Comedy Forum
Ricochet Adventure 1991 Forum
Riddick Sci-Fi 2013 Forum
Riddle Thriller 2013 Forum
Ride Comedy 2015
Ride Comedy 1998 Forum
Ride Along Comedy 2014 Forum
Ride Him, Cowboy Western 1932 Forum
Ride in the Whirlwind Western 1966 Forum
Ride the High Country Western 1962 Forum
Ride with the Devil Drama 1999 Forum
Rider on the Rain Thriller 1970 Forum
Riders of Destiny Western 1933 Forum
Riding Giants Documentary 2004 Forum
Riding High Comedy 1950 Forum
Riding in Cars with Boys Comedy 2001 Forum
Riding the Bullet Horror 2004 Forum
Riff Raff Drama 1993 Forum
Righteous Kill Crime 2008 Forum
Ringmaster Comedy 1998 Forum
Ringu Horror Forum
Rio Animation 2011 Forum
Rio 2 Animation 2014 Forum
Rio Bravo Western 1959 Forum
Rio Conchos Western 1964 Forum
Rio Grande Western 1950 Forum
Rio Lobo Western 1970 Forum
Riot Drama 1969 Forum
Riot in Cell Block 11 Crime 1954 Forum
Rip It Off Crime 2003 Forum
Ripley Under Ground Thriller 2005 Forum
Ripley's Game Mystery 2002 Forum
Ripper: Letter from Hell Horror 2002 Forum
Rise of the Footsoldier Crime 2008 Forum
Rise of the Guardians Animation 2012 Forum
Rise of the Planet of the Apes Action 2011 Forum
Rise of the Zombies Horror 2012 Forum
Rise: Blood Hunter Action 2007 Forum
Rising Sun Mystery 1993 Forum
Risky Business Comedy 1983 Forum
River Made to Drown In Drama 1997 Forum
River of Darkness Horror 2011 Forum
River of Death Adventure 1989 Forum
River Queen Action 2005 Forum
River's Edge Drama 1987 Forum
Rizzoli & Isles: Season 1 Television 2010 Forum
Rizzoli & Isles: Season 2 Television 2011 Forum
Rizzoli & Isles: Season 3 Television 2012 Forum
Rizzoli & Isles: Season 4 Television 2013 Forum
Road House Adventure 1989 Forum
Road House 2: Last Call Action 2006 Forum
Road of No Return Action 2008 Forum
Road to Nowhere Thriller 2011 Forum
Road to Paloma Thriller 2014 Forum
Road to Perdition Drama 2002 Forum
Road Trip Comedy 2000 Forum
Road Trip: Beer Pong Comedy 2009 Forum
Road Warriors: The Life and Death of Wrestling's Most Dominant Tag Team Sports Forum
Roadie Comedy 1980 Forum
Roadie Drama 2012 Forum
Roads to Riches Drama 2002 Forum
Roadside Prophets Comedy 1992 Forum
Rob Roy Adventure 1995 Forum
Rob Van Dam: One of a Kind Documentary Forum
Robbie the Reindeer in Legend of the Lost Tribe Animation 2002 Forum
Robert Blecker Wants Me Dead Documentary 2009 Forum
Robin and Marian Drama 1976 Forum
Robin and the 7 Hoods Comedy 1964 Forum
Robin Hood Animation 1973 Forum
Robin Hood Action 1991 Forum
Robin Hood Action 2010 Forum
Robin Hood: Men in Tights Comedy 1993 Forum
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Adventure 1991 Forum
Robinson Crusoe Drama 1997 Forum
Robinson Crusoe on Mars Sci-Fi 1964 Forum
Robocop Adventure 1987 Forum
RoboCop Action 2014 Forum
Robocop 2 Adventure 1990 Forum
Robocop 3 Adventure 1993 Forum
RoboDoc Comedy 2009 Forum
Robosapien: Rebooted Adventure 2013 Forum
Robot & Frank Drama 2012 Forum
Robot Chicken: DC Comics Special Television 2012 Forum
Robot Chicken: DC Comics Special II: Villains in Paradise Television 2014 Forum
Robot Chicken: Season 1 Comedy 2005 Forum
Robot Chicken: Season 2 Television 2006 Forum
Robot Chicken: Season 3 Television 2007 Forum
Robot Chicken: Season 4 Television 2008 Forum
Robot Chicken: Season 5 Television 2011 Forum
Robot Chicken: Season 6 Television 2012 Forum
Robot Chicken: Season 7 Television 2014 Forum
Robot Chicken: Star Wars Television 2007 Forum
Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II Television 2008 Forum
Robot Chicken: Star Wars III Television 2010 Forum
Robots Animation 2005 Forum
Rock 'N' Roll Invaders: The AM Radio DJs Documentary 1998 Forum
Rock & Roll Frankenstein Comedy Forum
Rock & Roll High School Comedy 1979 Forum
Rock Jocks Comedy 2012 Forum
Rock My World Comedy 2002 Forum
Rock of Ages Musical 2012 Forum
Rock School Documentary 2005 Forum
Rock Slyde Comedy 2009 Forum
Rock Star Comedy 2001 Forum
Rock Survivors Musical Forum
Rock-A-Doodle Animation 1992 Forum
Rocket Gibraltar Drama 1988 Forum
Rocket Science Comedy 2007 Forum
Rockets Redglare! Documentary 2004 Forum
Rockin' Meera Adventure 2009 Forum
Rockin' Road Trip Comedy 1985 Forum
RocknRolla Crime 2008 Forum
Rocky Drama 1976 Forum
Rocky Balboa Drama 2006 Forum
Rocky II Adventure 1979 Forum
Rocky III Adventure 1982 Forum
Rocky IV Adventure 1985 Forum
Rocky V Drama 1990 Forum
Roger & Me Documentary 1989 Forum
Roger Dodger Comedy 2002 Forum
Rogue Thriller 2007 Forum
Rogue Force Action 1998 Forum
Rogue River Horror 2012 Forum
Rogues of Sherwood Forest Adventure 1950 Forum
Role Models Comedy 2008 Forum
Roll Bounce Comedy 2005 Forum
Rollerball Action 2002 Forum
Rollerball Adventure 1975 Forum
Rollin' with the Nines Crime 2006 Forum
Rolling Kansas Comedy 2003 Forum
Romance and Cigarettes Romance 2005 Forum
Romance on the High Seas Romance 1948 Forum
Romancing the Stone Adventure 1984 Forum
Rome - The Complete First Season Television 2005 Forum
Rome - The Complete Second Season Television 2007 Forum
Romeo & Juliet Drama 2013 Forum
Romeo Is Bleeding Adventure 1994 Forum
Romeo Must Die Adventure 2000 Forum
Romper Stomper Drama 1993 Forum
Romulus and the Sabines Comedy 1961 Forum
Romy and Michele's High School Reunion Comedy 1997 Forum
Ronal the Barbarian Animation 2011 Forum
Ronin Adventure 1998 Forum
Rookie of the Year Comedy 1993 Forum
Room 6 Horror 2006 Forum
Room and a Half Documentary 2010 Forum
Rooster Cogburn Western 1975 Forum
Roots Drama 1977 Forum
Rope Thriller 1948 Forum
Rory O'Shea Was Here Drama 2005 Forum
Rose-Marie Musical 1936 Forum
Roseanne - The First Season Television 1988 Forum
Roseanne - The Second Season Television 1989 Forum
Roseanne: Season 3 Television 1990 Forum
Roseanne: Season 4 Television 1991 Forum
Roseanne: Season 5 Television 1992 Forum
Roseanne: Season 6 Television 1993 Forum
Roseanne: Season 7 Television 1994 Forum
Roseanne: Season 8 Television 1995 Forum
Roseanne: Season 9 Television 1996 Forum
Roseland Romance 1977 Forum
Rosemary's Baby Horror 1968 Forum
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead Comedy 1991 Forum
Rosenstrasse Drama 2004 Forum
Rosewater Drama 2014 Forum
Rosewood Adventure 1997 Forum
Roswell - The Complete First Season Television 1999 Forum
Roswell - The Complete Second Season Television 2000 Forum
Roswell - The Complete Third Season Television 2001 Forum
Rough Riders War 1997 Forum
Roughshod Western 1949 Forum
Roujin Z Anime 1996 Forum
Rounders Drama 1998 Forum
Roustabout Musical 1964 Forum
Route 666 Horror 2001 Forum
Route Irish Drama 2011 Forum
Rowing With the Wind Horror 1988
Roxanne Comedy 1987 Forum
Royal Rumble 2005 Sports Forum
Royal Deceit Adventure 1994 Forum
Royal Flash Comedy 1975 Forum
Royal Pains: Season 1 Television 2009 Forum
Royal Pains: Season 2 Television 2010 Forum
Royal Pains: Season 3, Volume One Television 2011 Forum
Royal Pains: Season 3, Volume Two Television 2012 Forum
Royal Pains: Season 4 Television 2012 Forum
Royal Pains: Season 5 Television 2013 Forum
Royal Rumble 2000 Sports 2000 Forum
Royal Rumble 2001 Sports 2001 Forum
Royal Rumble 2002 Sports 2002 Forum
Rubber Horror 2010 Forum
Rubberface Comedy Forum
Rubi Television Forum
Ruby Gentry Romance 1952 Forum
Ruby Sparks Comedy 2012 Forum
Rudderless Drama 2014 Forum
Rude Awakening Comedy 1989 Forum
Rudo y Cursi Action 2009 Forum
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer - The Movie Animation 1998 Forum
Rudy Drama 1993 Forum
Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book Adventure 1994 Forum
Rugrats Go Wild Animation 2003 Forum
Rugrats in Paris - The Movie Animation 2000 Forum
Rules of Engagement Drama 2000 Forum
Rules of Engagement - The Complete First Season Television 2007 Forum
Rules of Engagement: Season 3 Television 2009 Forum
Rules of Engagement: Season 4 Television 2010 Forum
Rules of Engagement: Season 5 Television 2010 Forum
Rules of Engagement: Season 6 Television 2011 Forum
Rules of Engagement: Season 7 Television 2013 Forum
Rumble Fish Drama 1983 Forum
Rumble in the Bronx Adventure 1996 Forum
Rumbling Hearts Volume 1 Anime Forum
Rumbling Hearts Volume 2 Anime Forum
Rumbling Hearts Volume 3 Anime Forum
Rumor Has It Comedy 2005 Forum
Rumpole of the Bailey - Seasons 1 & 2 Television 1978 Forum
Run Action 2013 Forum
Run & Jump Drama 2014 Forum
Run All Night Action 2015 Forum
Run for Your Wife Comedy 2013 Forum
Run Lola Run Thriller 1999 Forum
Run of the Arrow Western 1957 Forum
Run Ronnie Run! Comedy 2002 Forum
Run Stranger, Run Mystery 1973 Forum
Run, Fatboy, Run Comedy 2008 Forum
Runaway Sci-Fi 1984 Forum
Runaway Drama 2005 Forum
Runaway Bride Comedy 1999 Forum
Runaway Car (1997) Comedy 1997 Forum
Runaway Jury Thriller 2003 Forum
Runaway Train Action 1985 Forum
Rune Soldier: Complete Collection Anime Forum
Runner Runner Thriller 2013 Forum
Running Free Family 2000 Forum
Running Mates Comedy 2000 Forum
Running on Empty Drama 1988 Forum
Running Scared Crime 2006 Forum
Running Scared Comedy 1986 Forum
Running Wild Drama 1995 Forum
Running Wilde: Season 1 Television 2010 Forum
Running With Scissors Comedy 2006 Forum
Runoff Drama 2015
Rurouni Kenshin Action Forum
Rurouni Kenshin 10: Between Life and Death Anime Forum
Rurouni Kenshin 11: Faces of Evil Anime Forum
Rurouni Kenshin 12: Blind Justice Anime Forum
Rurouni Kenshin 13: Innocence and Experience Anime Forum
Rurouni Kenshin 14: Fire Requiem Anime Forum
Rurouni Kenshin 15: The Firefly's Wish Anime Forum
Rurouni Kenshin 16: Son of God Anime Forum
Rurouni Kenshin 17: Holy War Anime Forum
Rurouni Kenshin 18: Fall from Grace Anime Forum
Rurouni Kenshin 19: Dreams of Youth Anime Forum
Rurouni Kenshin 2: Battle in the Moonlight Anime Forum
Rurouni Kenshin 20: Soulless Knights Anime Forum
Rurouni Kenshin 21: A Shinobi's Love Anime Forum
Rurouni Kenshin 22: End Song Anime Forum
Rurouni Kenshin 3: Shadow Elite Anime Forum
Rurouni Kenshin 4: False Prophet Anime Forum
Rurouni Kenshin 5: Renegade Samurai Anime Forum
Rurouni Kenshin 6: The Flames of the Revolution Anime Forum
Rurouni Kenshin 7: Shadow of the Wolf Anime Forum
Rurouni Kenshin 8: Ice Blue Eyes Anime Forum
Rurouni Kenshin 9: Heart of the Sword Anime Forum
Rurouni Kenshin: Legendary Swordsman Anime Forum
Rush Sports 2013 Forum
Rush Drama 1991 Forum
Rush Hour Adventure 1998 Forum
Rush Hour 2 Adventure 2001 Forum
Rush Hour 3 Action 2007 Forum
Rushmore Comedy 1999 Forum
Russian Dolls Comedy 2006 Forum
Rustin Drama 2002 Forum
Ruthless People Comedy 1986 Forum
Rx Thriller 2005 Forum
The Racers Drama 1955 Forum
The Rachel Papers Drama 1989 Forum
The Rack Drama 1956 Forum
The Rage Thriller 1998 Forum
The Rage in Placid Lake Comedy 2004 Forum
The Rage: Carrie 2 Horror 1999 Forum
The Raggedy Rawney Drama 1990 Forum
The Raid: Redemption Action 2012 Forum
The Railway Man Drama 2014 Forum
The Rain Makers Drama 2005 Forum
The Rain People Drama 1969 Forum
The Rainmaker Drama 1997 Forum
The Rainmaker Romance 1956 Forum
The Rambler Mystery 2013 Forum
The Ranch Comedy 2004 Forum
The Rare Breed Western 1966 Forum
The Rat Pack Drama 1998 Forum
The Raven Horror 1963 Forum
The Raven Mystery 2012 Forum
The Razor's Edge Drama 1984 Forum
The Real Blonde Comedy 1998 Forum
The Real Deal Drama 2004 Forum
The Real Glory War 1939 Forum
The Real McCoy Thriller 1993 Forum
The Reaping Thriller 2007 Forum
The Rebound Romance Forum
The Reception Comedy 2005 Forum
The Reckoning Crime 2004 Forum
The Reconstruction of William Zero Sci-Fi 2015
The Recruit Thriller 2003 Forum
The Red Baron War 2010 Forum
The Red Canvas Action 2010 Forum
The Red Danube Romance 1949 Forum
The Red Tent Drama 1971 Forum
The Red Violin Drama 1999 Forum
The Reeds Horror 2010 Forum
The Ref Comedy 1994 Forum
The Reincarnation of Isabel Horror 1972 Forum
The Reivers Drama 1969 Forum
The Relic Horror 1997 Forum
The Relief of Belsen Drama 2007 Forum
The Reluctant Astronaut Comedy 1967 Forum
The Reluctant Debutante Romance 1958 Forum
The Reluctant Fundamentalist Thriller 2013 Forum
The Remains of the Day Drama 1993 Forum
The Replacement Killers Adventure 1998 Forum
The Replacements Comedy 2000 Forum
The Rescuers Animation 1977 Forum
The Rescuers Down Under Animation 1990 Forum
The Resident Thriller 2011 Forum
The Retrieval Western 2014 Forum
The Return Drama Forum
The Return Thriller 2006 Forum
The Return of a Man Called Horse Action 1976 Forum
The Return of Captain Invincible Sci-Fi 1984 Forum
The Return of Martin Guerre Comedy 1983 Forum
The Return of Sherlock Holmes Collection Television 1986 Forum
The Return of Swamp Thing Horror 1989 Forum
The Return Of The King Animation 1980 Forum
The Return of the Living Dead Horror 1985 Forum
The Return of the Musketeers Adventure 1989 Forum
The Return of the Pink Panther Comedy 1975 Forum
The Reunion Action 2011 Forum
The Revenant Comedy 2012 Forum
The Revenge of the Pink Panther Comedy 1978 Forum
The Revengers Western 1972 Forum
The Reverend Horror 2012 Forum
The Rewrite Romance 2015 Forum
The Rich Man's Wife Mystery 1996 Forum
The Riches - Season 1 Television Forum
The Riches - Season 2 Television Forum
The Riddle Thriller 2007 Forum
The Riding Avenger Western 1936 Forum
The Right Stuff Adventure 1983 Forum
The Right Temptation Drama 2000 Forum
The Rimshop Comedy 2008 Forum
The Ring Mystery 2002 Forum
The Ring 2 Horror 2004 Forum
The Ring Two Horror 2005 Forum
The Ringer Drama 2005 Forum
The Riot Club Drama 2015 Forum
The Rise and Fall of ECW Documentary Forum
The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer Comedy 1970 Forum
The Rite Thriller 2011 Forum
The River Drama 1984 Forum
The River King Thriller 2005 Forum
The River Murders Thriller 2011 Forum
The River Wild Adventure 1994 Forum
The Road Drama 2009 Forum
The Road Home Drama 2000 Forum
The Road Killers Action 1994 Forum
The Road to El Dorado Animation 2000 Forum
The Road to Freedom Adventure 2011 Forum
The Road to Guantanamo Documentary 2006 Forum
The Road To Wellville Comedy 1994 Forum
The Road To Yesterday Fantasy 1925 Forum
The Road Warrior Sci-Fi 1982 Forum
The Rock Adventure 1996 Forum
The Rock: Just Bring It Sports Forum
The Rock: The People's Champ Sports Forum
The Rocker Comedy 2008 Forum
The Rocketeer Adventure 1991 Forum
The Rocky Horror Picture Show Musical 1975 Forum
The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone Romance 1961 Forum
The Romantic Englishwoman Comedy 1975 Forum
The Romantics Romance 2010 Forum
The Rookie Adventure 1990 Forum
The Roommate Thriller 2011 Forum
The Roots of Heaven Drama 1958 Forum
The Rose Drama 1979 Forum
The Rosebud Beach Hotel Comedy 1984 Forum
The Rover Drama 1967 Forum
The Rover Drama 2014 Forum
The Royal Tenenbaums Comedy 2001 Forum
The Royals: Season 1 Television 2015
The Ruby Princess Runs Away Family 2000 Forum
The Rugrats Movie Animation 1998 Forum
The Ruins Horror 2008 Forum
The Rules of Attraction Drama 2002 Forum
The Ruling Class Drama 1972 Forum
The Rum Diary Drama 2011 Forum
The Runaways Drama 2010 Forum
The Rundown Action 2003 Forum
The Runner Drama 2015
The Runner Thriller 1999 Forum
The Running Man Sci-Fi 1987 Forum
The Russia House Drama 1990 Forum
The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming Comedy 1966 Forum

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