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TitleGenreReleasedNet ScoreUser ScoreDiscuss
A Kid in King Arthur's Court Adventure 1995 Forum
A Killer Within Thriller 2004 Forum
A Knight's Tale Adventure 2001 Forum
K-11 Drama 2013 Forum
K-19 - The Widowmaker Adventure 2002 Forum
K-9 Comedy 1989 Forum
K-9: P.I. Comedy 2002 Forum
K-PAX Drama 2001 Forum
K2 Adventure 1992 Forum
K911 Comedy 1999 Forum
Kabei: Our Mother Drama 2009 Forum
Kabluey Comedy 2008 Forum
Kaboom Sci-Fi 2011 Forum
Kaena Animation 2004 Forum
Kafka Mystery 1991 Forum
Kalamity Thriller 2010 Forum
Kaleidoscope Comedy 1966 Forum
Kalifornia Drama 1993 Forum
Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love Drama 1997 Forum
Kandahar Drama 2001 Forum
Kangaroo Jack Comedy 2003 Forum
Kanon Volume 1 Anime Forum
Kanon Volume 2 Anime Forum
Kanon Volume 3 Anime Forum
Kanon Volume 4 Anime Forum
Kanon Volume 5 Anime Forum
Kanon Volume 6 Anime Forum
Kansas City Crime 1996 Forum
Kansas City Confidential Film-Noir 1952 Forum
Karas: The Prophecy Anime Forum
Karate Dog Family 2004 Forum
Kart Racer Drama 2003 Forum
Kate & Leopold Comedy 2001 Forum
Katts and Dog Family Forum
Kazaam Family 1996 Forum
Keane Drama 2005 Forum
Keen Eddie - The Complete Series Television 2003 Forum
Keeper of the Flame Mystery 1942 Forum
Keeping Mum Comedy 2006 Forum
Keeping the Faith Comedy 2000 Forum
Keeping Up Appearances - Hyacinth in Full Bloom Set (Vol. 1-4) Television 2000 Forum
Keeping Up with the Steins Comedy 2006 Forum
Kelly's Heroes Comedy 1970 Forum
Kemonozume Anime Forum
Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3D Musical 2010 Forum
Kenny vs. Spenny - Season 3 Television Forum
Kenny vs. Spenny - Season 4 Television Forum
Kenny vs. Spenny - Season One Television Forum
Kenny vs. Spenny - Season Two Television Forum
Kettle of Fish Comedy 2006 Forum
Kevin & Perry Go Large Comedy 2000 Forum
Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain Documentary 2013 Forum
Key & Peele: Season 1 Television 2012 Forum
Key & Peele: Season 2 Television 2012 Forum
Key & Peele: Season 3 Television 2013 Forum
Key Largo Film-Noir 1948 Forum
Keys to Tulsa Thriller 1997 Forum
Khartoum Adventure 1966 Forum
Khumba Animation 2013 Forum
Kick-Ass Action 2010 Forum
Kick-Ass 2 Action 2013 Forum
Kickboxer Action 1989 Forum
Kickboxer 4: The Aggressor Action 1994 Forum
Kicked in the Head Comedy 1997 Forum
Kicking & Screaming Comedy 2005 Forum
Kicking and Screaming Comedy 1995 Forum
Kid Blue Western 1973 Forum
Kid Galahad Musical 1962 Forum
Kid Galahad Drama 1937 Forum
Kid Monk Baroni Drama 1952 Forum
Kidnapped Adventure 1971 Forum
Kidnapped Adventure 1960 Forum
Kidnapped - The Complete Series Television Forum
Kids Drama 1995 Forum
Kids in America Comedy 2005 Forum
Kids in the Hall - Brain Candy Comedy 1996 Forum
Kids of the Round Table Adventure 1997 Forum
Kidulthood Drama Forum
Kiki's Delivery Service Anime 1989 Forum
Kikujiro Drama 2000 Forum
Kill Bill Vol. 2 Action 2004 Forum
Kill Bill, Volume 1 Adventure 2003 Forum
Kill Cruise Thriller 1990 Forum
Kill Katie Malone Horror 2010 Forum
Kill List Thriller 2012 Forum
Kill Me Again Mystery 1989 Forum
Kill Me Later Thriller 2001 Forum
Kill Speed Action 2012 Forum
Kill Switch Action 2008 Forum
Kill the Irishman Crime 2011 Forum
Kill Your Darlings Drama 2013 Forum
Kill Your Darlings Drama 2006 Forum
Killer Buzz Horror 2001 Forum
Killer by Nature Thriller 2010 Forum
Killer Diller Drama 2005 Forum
Killer Elite Action 2011 Forum
Killer Force Thriller 1976 Forum
Killer Klowns from Outer Space Sci-Fi 1988 Forum
Killer McCoy Drama 1947 Forum
Killer Movie Comedy 2008 Forum
Killer Weekend Mystery 2004 Forum
Killer: A Journal of Murder Thriller 1996 Forum
Killers Action 2010 Forum
Killing Bono Comedy 2011 Forum
Killing Kasztner Documentary 2009 Forum
Killing Kennedy Drama 2013 Forum
Killing Me Softly Thriller 2002 Forum
Killing Season Thriller 2013 Forum
Killing Them Softly Crime 2012 Forum
Killshot Action 2009 Forum
Kim Possible - A Sitch in Time Animation 2003 Forum
Kim Possible - The Movie Animation 2005 Forum
Kim Possible: The Secret Files Animation Forum
Kind Hearts and Coronets Comedy 1950 Forum
Kindergarten Cop Comedy 1990 Forum
King and Country Drama 1965 Forum
King Arthur Action 2004 Forum
King Arthur Director's Cut Adventure 2004 Forum
King Creole Musical 1958 Forum
King Kong Adventure 1976 Forum
King Lear Comedy 1988 Forum
King of California Comedy 2007 Forum
King of Fighters Action 2010 Forum
King of New York Drama 1990 Forum
King of Texas Western 2002 Forum
King of the Gypsies Drama 1978 Forum
King of the Hill - Season 1 Television 1997 Forum
King of the Hill - Season 2 Television 1997 Forum
King of the Hill - The Complete Fifth Season Television 2000 Forum
King of the Hill - The Complete Fourth Season Television 1999 Forum
King of the Hill - The Complete Sixth Season Television 2001 Forum
King of the Hill - The Complete Third Season Television 1998 Forum
King of the Jungle Crime 2000 Forum
King of the Pecos Western 1936 Forum
King of the Underworld Film-Noir 1939 Forum
King Ralph Adventure 1991 Forum
King Rat War 1965 Forum
King Solomon's Mines Adventure 1937 Forum
King Solomon's Mines Adventure 1985 Forum
King's Ransom Comedy 2005 Forum
Kingdom Come Family 2001 Forum
Kingdom Hospital - The Entire Series Television 2004 Forum
Kingdom of Heaven Action 2005 Forum
Kingdom of the Spiders Horror 1977 Forum
Kingpin Comedy 1996 Forum
Kings Drama 2008 Forum
Kings of the Sun Drama 1963 Forum
Kings Row Romance 1942 Forum
Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects Crime 1989 Forum
Kinky Boots Comedy 2006 Forum
Kinsey Drama 2004 Forum
Kinski: My Best Fiend Documentary 1999 Forum
Kinyarwanda Drama 2011 Forum
Kismet Adventure 1955 Forum
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang Drama 2005 Forum
Kiss Me Deadly Film-Noir 1955 Forum
Kiss Me Goodbye Romance 1982 Forum
KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park Mystery 1978 Forum
Kiss of Death Thriller 1995 Forum
Kiss of Death Crime 2008 Forum
Kiss of Death Film-Noir 1947 Forum
Kiss of the Damned Horror 2013 Forum
Kiss of the Dragon Adventure 2001 Forum
Kiss of the Vampire Horror 2009 Forum
Kiss The Girls Mystery 1997 Forum
Kiss Toledo Goodbye Comedy 2000 Forum
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye Film-Noir 1950 Forum
Kiss: Exposed Musical Forum
Kiss: Kissology Vol. 1 1974 - 1977 Musical Forum
Kiss: Konfidential & X-Treme Close Up Musical Forum
Kiss: Live In Las Vegas Musical Forum
Kiss: The Lost Concert Musical Forum
Kiss: The Second Coming Musical Forum
Kiss: Unauthorized Musical Forum
Kiss: Unauthorized Part 2 Musical Forum
Kissing A Fool Comedy 1998 Forum
Kissing Jessica Stein Comedy 2002 Forum
Kitchen Confidential - The Complete Series Television 2005 Forum
Kitchen Stories Comedy 2004 Forum
Klute Mystery 1971 Forum
Knife Fight Drama 2013 Forum
Knife in the Water Drama 1963 Forum
Knight and Day Action 2010 Forum
Knight Moves Thriller 1993 Forum
Knight Rider: Season 1 Television 1982 Forum
Knight Rider: Season 2 Television 1983 Forum
Knight Rider: Season 3 Television 1984 Forum
Knight Rider: Season 4 Television 1985 Forum
Knightriders Drama 1981 Forum
Knights of Badassdom Comedy 2014 Forum
Knives of the Avenger Action 1968 Forum
Knock 'Em Dead Thriller 2014 Forum
Knock Off Adventure 1998 Forum
Knock on Any Door Film-Noir 1949 Forum
Knockaround Guys Adventure 2002 Forum
Knocked Up Comedy 2007 Forum
Knockout Drama 2011 Forum
Knowing Action 2009 Forum
Knucklehead Drama 2010 Forum
Knute Rockne: All American Sports 1940 Forum
Kolya Drama 1997 Forum
Koma Thriller Forum
Kontroll Action 2005 Forum
Kramer vs. Kramer Drama 1979 Forum
Krippendorf's Tribe Comedy 1998 Forum
Kröd Mändoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire Television 2009 Forum
Kroll Show: Season 1 Television 2013 Forum
Kroll Show: Season 2 Television 2014 Forum
Krull Sci-Fi 1983 Forum
Kull the Conqueror Adventure 1997 Forum
Kundun Drama 1997 Forum
Kung Fu Hustle Action 2005 Forum
Kung Fu Magoo Animation 2010 Forum
Kung Fu Panda Animation 2008 Forum
Kung Fu Panda 2 Animation 2011 Forum
Kung Pow! Enter the Fist Comedy 2002 Forum
Kurt & Courtney Documentary 1998 Forum
The Karate Kid Action 2010 Forum
The Karate Kid Adventure 1984 Forum
The Karate Kid Part II Drama 1986 Forum
The Keep Horror 1983 Forum
The Keeper Action 2009 Forum
The Keeper Thriller 2004 Forum
The Keeper: The Legend of Omar Khayyam Drama 2005 Forum
The Kennedys Television 2011 Forum
The Kentucky Fried Movie Comedy 1977 Forum
The Kid & I Comedy 2005 Forum
The Kid Stays in the Picture Documentary 2002 Forum
The Kid: Chamaco Drama 2010 Forum
The Kids are All Right Comedy 2010 Forum
The Killer Adventure 1990 Forum
The Killer Elite Adventure 1975 Forum
The Killer Inside Me Drama 2010 Forum
The Killer Meteors Adventure 1976 Forum
The Killers Film-Noir 1964 Forum
The Killing Fields Drama 1984 Forum
The Killing Gene Thriller 2008 Forum
The Killing Jar Thriller 2010 Forum
The Killing Machine Action 2010 Forum
The Killing of Sister George Drama 1968 Forum
The Killing Time Thriller 1987 Forum
The King Drama 2006 Forum
The King and I Animation 1999 Forum
The King of Comedy Comedy 1983 Forum
The King of Kings Drama 1927 Forum
The King of Marvin Gardens Drama 1972 Forum
The King of Queens - The Complete Eighth Season Television 2005 Forum
The King of Queens - The Complete Fifth Season Television 2002 Forum
The King of Queens - The Complete First Season Television 1998 Forum
The King of Queens - The Complete Fourth Season Television 2001 Forum
The King of Queens - The Complete Ninth Season Television 2006 Forum
The King of Queens - The Complete Second Season Television 1999 Forum
The King of Queens - The Complete Series Television Forum
The King of Queens - The Complete Seventh Season Television 2004 Forum
The King of Queens - The Complete Sixth Season Television 2003 Forum
The King of Queens - The Complete Third Season Television 2000 Forum
The King's Speech Drama 2010 Forum
The King's Thief Adventure 1955 Forum
The Kingdom Thriller 2007 Forum
The Kings of Summer Comedy 2013 Forum
The Kings of the Ring Sports 1995 Forum
The Kite Runner Drama 2007 Forum
The Klansman Thriller 1974 Forum
The Kremlin Letter Thriller 1970 Forum

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