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Zone Of The Enders - Dolores Vol.3

===Story=== The Links family has made it to Mars on a wing and a prayer, but their troubles are far from over! James Links doesn't want to be a hero except to his wife and children, but he'll have plenty of chances to practiceww for the role on Mars! Championing the people of a planet on the verge of insurrection, with the authorities still hot on his trail, this space trucker has more on his mind than any other man should have to cope with! ===DVD Features=== *Japanese Language *English Language *English Subtitles *ADR Session with Hoko Kuwashima ("Dolores") and Tesshou Genda ("James") *Karaoke versions of opening and closing animations *Production sketches *James' diary *Map of Mars


Houko Kuwashima
Mitsuru Miyamoto
Narumi Hidaka
Tesshô Genda

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