: : : Zatoichi's Pilgrimage
===Story=== A girl is assaulted on the highway, and Zatoichi is embarassed to find himself acting as midwife to a dying woman. Entrusted with the baby, he embarks on a mission to the village of Dashu to deliver the baby to the father Satoro. When there, he is waylaid and cheated by Seji, a young stooge of the local gang, whose ageing father is Dashu's law enforcement officer. To add to his miseries, he is dogged by a boy who delights in stoning him and running away. Dashu's loan shark gamblers are on the point of seizing Satoro's sister, Oyae to become a sex slave in forfeit for an unpaid debt, and with the arrival of Satoro, the town begins to heat up. In the process of resolving Oyae's financial difficulties, Zatoichi reveals himself as master of a wide range of martial skills, as well as finding time to teach certain hoodlums the intricacies of nude dancing. ===DVD Features=== *Profile of Director Kazuo Ikehiro *Profile of Actor Shintaro Katsu *Cast Pictures *Movie Stills *Previews and Artwork *Interactive Menus *Chapter Selection


Koichi Sato
Shintaro Katsu
Watako Hamaki
Koji Nambara

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