: : : Zatoichi The Outlaw
===Story=== Arriving in the village of Kiyotaki, Zatoichi the blind swordsman finds himself embroiled in a struggle between two Oyabun, or gangland bosses. While the peasants starve, one of the Oyabun, Tamizo, forces them to continue to gamble their way into destitution. His opponent, Asagoro, assumes the position of champion of the peasants, and takes it upon himself to pay off their debts. Filled with admiration for Asagoro and compassion for the impoverished farmers, Zatoichi lends his skills to advance their cause. Hovering in the background is the samurai without a sword, Ohara Shusei, the proclaimed boss of the peasants, who preaches virtue but who some say lives off the sweat of his followers. Before the true motives of these bosses are revealed, many lives have been lost and ruined, and the good earth has consumed blood yet again. ===DVD Features=== *Filmographies *Stills Gallery *Six Previews *Interactive Menu *Scene Access *Production Notes


Koichi Sato
Shintaro Katsu
Watako Hamaki
Koji Nambara

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