: : : Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D - Bonds Beyond Time
===Story=== In the future, the world has taken a turn for the worse. Civilization is on the brink of extinction. All hope of a brighter tomorrow has been cloaked with dark uncertainty. One man, however, thinks he can do something about it. With his world crumbling into chaos, a maniacal masked menace known as Paradox figures out a way to travel through time so that he can eliminate the scourge that he believes is responsible for causing his world to decay – the Duel Monsters card game! Paradox, determined to eradicate this perilous threat from the annals of time, begins rewriting the future by erasing the game -- one card at a time. Standing in his way are three legendary duelists who will do whatever it takes to save what's on the line - their friends, their family and the game they love. For the first time ever, Yugi, Jaden and Yusei will team together and battle with all their hearts in a duel that will decide the past, present and future! ===DVD Features===


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  • Yugi Muto
  • Jaden Yuki
  • Yusei Fudo

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