: : : Yes Nurse! No Nurse!
===Story=== A fantasy musical recounting the adventures of Nurse Klivia and the residents of her somewhat unusual Rest Home. Their nasty landlord and next-door neighbour Mr Boordevol is eager to have them all evicted so that he can repossess the property. When the Home's resident "crazy inventor", The Engineer, causes yet another explosion, Bourdevol drags them before the local magistrate, but is once again foiled. Pretty Jet encounters Gerrit, a charming young orphan with a compulsion to burgle. Nurse Klivia accepts him as a resident, on condition that he tries to conquer his larcenous obsession and go straight. The Home also acquires a new neighbour, the hairdresser Wouter, who seems to have some mysterious connection with Mr Boordevol's past which makes both men uneasy. The Engineer tries out on Boordevol his new pill designed to make nasty people nice, but the effect turns out to be short-lasting, and Boordevol is left more vindictive than ever. One night, Boordevol's house is burgled, and suspicion instantly falls on Gerrit, giving Boordevol a foolproof excuse to demand that the Home be closed down. When Gerrit is proved innocent, things look even worse, since Nurse Klivia herself now becomes prime suspect. But miracles can happen. Thanks to the influence of hairdresser Wouter and the reactions of the neighbours, Boordevol has a surprising change of heart.


Loes Luca
Paul Kooij
Tjitske Reidinga
Waldemar Torenstra
Paul de Leeuw
Beppe Costa
Edo Brunner
Lennart Vader
Frits Lambrechts
Olga Zuiderhoek
Arjan Ederveen
Pierre van Duijl
Guus Dam
Joep Onderdelinden
Ad Knippels

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