: : : Year of the Gun
===Story=== In 1978 Italy, anarchy is in the air as the Red Brigades keep the country in a state of terror. Reporter David (Andrew McCarthy) moves blithely among the mayhem; after all, he's an American citizen and untouchable, right? When the manuscript for his political novel, patterned after the Brigades, falls into the wrong hands, it draws the unwelcome attentions of the Brigades, the police, and aggressive American photojournalist Allison (Sharon Stone) and lands David in hot water. Director John Frankenheimer took an overworked plot and made the best of it, though McCarthy is a bit puny as David. As would be expected in a Frankenheimer effort, though, the action segments shine with lithe editing and Frankenheimer's instincts for composition and camera work. The riots and chase segments make use of Rome's cityscape, calling to mind Euro-thrillers of the period. Stone is compelling as the foolhardy photographer, with some torrid sex scenes with McCarthy. Though not on a par with ''The Manchurian Candidate'' or ''Seven Days in May'', ''Year of the Gun'' is a decent action film that goes a long way toward capturing the political and social chaos that was '70s Italy. ''--Jerry Renshaw'' ===DVD Features=== *Theatrical Trailers *Previews *Scene Selection *Behind the Scenes - Production Notes


Andrew McCarthyDavid Raybourne
Valeria GolinoLia
Sharon StoneAlison King
John PankowItalo Bianchi
Carol SchneiderMattie

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