Mick Foley: Hard Knocks and Cheap Pops

Mick Foley: Hard Knocks and Cheap Pops User ReviewsMovie


'There is no Best of Al Snow'


Mick Foley is a great wrestler, no doubt about that. This Documentary just proves it. He always takes things to the extreme. Whether it is falling off Cages or getting whacked by a barbed-wire covered 2x4, this man is great. Of course, he is not the ideal wrestler, but he always tries to put on a great show. And that, he does.

Mick Foley had tons of Violent matches through his career, as you can watch by watching this documentary, but the thing that I most enjoyed was the 'cheap pops' with all the funny antics Mick got up to as Commisioner in WWE. Him and Al Snow or him and Edge/Christian is...