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WrestleMania 21 review
Wrestlemania Goes Hollywood!

The good:

Ladder match, Kurt Angle vs Shawn Micheals

The bad:

Sumo Match, Womans match and disapointing World Championship matches


This is the 21st Wrestlemania and its pretty good apart from basically the championship matches.

WWE Tag Team Champions Collide
Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio

A quality match up between then two tag team champions. Quite a fast paced match up that in the end Rey Mysterio wins with a roll-up. Eddie Guerrero's last Wrestlemania appearance. 8/10

Money In The Bank Ladder Match
Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit vs Edge vs Christian vs Kane

A very good match right off the bat but why was this match second? Everyone seems to put the effort into this match apart from Edge who takes a T-Bone off the ladder and sits out for most of it. Shelton Benjamin steals the show by running up the ladder and clotheslining Jericho off. Edge wins after an injured Benoit knocks Kane off the ladder, only to get a chair shot from Edge who then grabs the suitcase and the title opportunity he would use on nearly a year later at New Years Revolution 2006 10/10

The Legend vs The Legend Killer
SmackDown!'s Undertaker vs RAW's Randy Orton

Again, why is this match third? This match is OK but these two will go on to have way better matches with eachother, more notably at Summerslam & Armageddon. Bob Orton makes an appearance during this match to help his son but in the end, Undertaker turns a Tombstone attempt from Randy into his Tombstone for the win and to make his Wrestlemania record 13-0 7/10

Woman's Title
Trish Stratus vs Christy Hemme

This match is after Taker vs Orton AND the ladder match? Oh God. This match is really poor, only veiw for the eye candy. 4/10

The Showstopper vs The Wrestling Machine
RAW's "HBK" Shawn Micheals vs SmackDown!'s Kurt Angle

A great match. Shawn Micheals changes his normal wrestling style and uses Kurt Angle's chain wrestling style which makes a good change. A very long match with loads of chain wrestling, suplexes, high risks and suspense. Only bad point was the announcer's table didn't break lol. A great match won by Kurt Angle after having the ankle lock on HBK for so long, he finally taps. 10/10

Sumo Match
Big Show vs Alkebono

Pointless..pointless..pointless. Watch once to laugh at the Japanese's guys extra flab around his groin but wouldn't watch it again 2/10

WWE Title
John "Bradshaw" Layfield vs John Cena

Wow, a very horrible match. JBL dominates the first 8 minutes with sleeper holds and basic moves. Then the last 2 minutes, John Cena comes back with the same routine and wins the title from JBL. Yes, this match was roughly 10 minutes. Not what a title match should be.. 5/10

World Heavyweight Title
Triple H vs Batista

Better and longer than the WWE title match but not by much. Quite a boring match and they seemed to make it up as they went along. Batista wins the title from Triple H with a huge Batista Bomb. 6/10

Over-All Rating: This is a good PPV despite some disappointments, I would buy it as I heard the DVD has some pretty neat extras onit including a RAW vs SmackDown! battle royal.

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