: : : Tombstone: The History of the Undertaker

Tombstone: The History of the Undertaker

===Story=== The Undertaker. No one in professional wrestling can deny that the Undertaker has dug [no pun intended] a huge place for himself in the history of sports-entertainment. His long and incredbile fifteen-year odessey from an unknown youngster with a passion to one of the WWE's most legendary wrestlers is a career taht needs to be seen to be believed. This 4-time WWE Champion pioneered matches such as Casket, Last Ride, Hell in a Cell and the infamous Buried Alive. All are very popular matches, and are a testament to the Deadman himself. From his stints as the lviing dead, to his Badass Biker days, his best moments are all chronicled on this 3-DVD set. ===DVD Features=== *Undertaker attacks Hulk Hogan at the Funeral Parlor *Undertaker builds a casket for Yokozuna *Undertaker in the graveyard talking about Diesel *Undertaker in the graveyard talking about Mankind *Undertaker interrupts Mankind's interview *Undertaker interview about Shawn Michaels *Undertaker talking to his parents' tombstones *Undertaker interview - Kane burns his parents' tombstone *Undertaker breaks into Paul Bearer's house and mauls him *Undertaker interview about Triple H *Undertaker promo on Hulk Hogan *Undertaker talking about the Hell in a Cell *Undertaker in the graveyard promo on Mr. McMahon
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