The Rock: The People's Champ review
If Ya Smell...

The good:

Summarises The Rock up until early 2000
Mixture of in ring personality and the actual person behind the character
Pretty good extras

The bad:

Maybe a bit too much focus on effects in some areas


For me this DVD personally is practically perfect in its timing. It highlights The Rock's career up until January 2000, and I started watching the then WWF in Feburary 2000. And since The Rock was one of the lead faces for most of 2000, naturally I paid a lot of attention to him. The DVD is almost done in two separate parts. One part looks at The Rock as the character and you have insights from the man himself as well as other people in the company, who comment on everything from his technical ability to his ability to cut a promo. Then you have the other part where you follow The Rock around in some of the other things he does, such as showing up at college football games, autograph signings or showing you where he gets his clothes and haircuts.

In terms of presentation, you're taken through The Rock's career from early 1997 (I believe) up until 2000. You're shown some of the significant turning points in his career as well as some of the more notable feuds and often shown a bit of build up to it from the Raw and SmackDown! shows either as actual footage or as a compilation with some music dubbed over. Often the footage will be spliced with comments from The Rock or someone else about one thing or another, especially if they're talking about something apart from the actual wrestling. When it comes to actual Wrestling, a fairly large section of the "story of The Rock" being told focuses on 4 main periods: his dealings with the McMahons, the Rock and Sock Connection, his feud with the Undertaker and his feud with Triple H. The Triple H one is important because at the end of '99 both Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin were out with injuries and for a good 5 months, these two carried the company. I remember watching week after week of The Rock v Triple H and was kept entertained for months until others were able to return. It's a testament to how talented the two of them were to keep a feud that interesting, it really turned me onto Wrestling and kept me interested.

In the sections about the feuds you're taken through the main altercations that take place which inevitably ends up with the "final" match taking place at a PPV where either The Rock wins, or something happens to lengthen the feud, or feud with someone else.

One thing about The Rock is that he was one of the best people ever at cutting an entertaining promo. This seems to be recognised as a good portion of the DVD focuses on his catchphrases (of which there were many) and promos. Even one of the extras is focused entirely on some of the hilarious promos, not a single wrestling move to be seen anywhere within that. It's odd because the DVD almost predicts where the WWF would go direction wise less than a year later, focusing on entertainment as well as Wrestling, because The Rock was undoubtedly an incredible entertainer, as well as having technical skill.

Other extras include a few matches but as I said, the main focus is on the promos and entertainment aspect of The Rock. Personally for me, since I started watching Wrestling almost directly after where this DVD ends, it's almost a perfect summary of everything I missed about The Rock. I'd recommend it to anyone who liked the character as the main focus is really about that, the real side of the man is just a side dish. The only criticism I would have of the DVD is sometimes during some of the match segments, it's spliced with some music and you get fancy things like slow motion and replays, I found that a bit annoying especially in the Rock/Undertaker match. Apart from that it's a top notch DVD which you should own if you were a Rock fan. That's really most of the main features of the DVD as there's only two real aspects to it, but each aspect has many bits to it which are too numerous to describe even though I've tried to mention a few of them.

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