: : : Judgment Day 2005
===Story=== For the newly crowned WWE Champion and the former owner of the coveted title, the Day of Reckoning is here. Now the fight goes beyond winning or losing as SmackDown! Superstars John Cena and JBL put their careers on the line in a brutal match where one will be victorious and the other will say "I Quit." ===DVD Features=== This DVD of WWE Judgment Day 2005 features 7 matches of action from the Smackdown brand. The main event of the night is an I Quit match between the WWE Champion John Cena and the Number 1 contender John "Bradshaw" Layfield. On the DVD, along with the matches, special DVD features include an Additional Match from Velocity between Akio and Nunzio, a Chavo Guerrero Interview, a backstage scene with Mark Jindrak and Kurt Angle and John Cena's "Bad Bad Man" Music video along with numerous promos promoting the PPV's match-ups, not forgetting a hilarious interview with Carlito and stuttering Matt Morgan after Carlito's match.
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