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In WWE History, there are superstars, legends and icons. Shawn Michaels, in retrospec, can be considered an icon. No other man in sports-entertainment has ever had the flamboyancy, in-ring talent and style of Shawn Michaels. From winning the WWE Championship in the greatest match in Wrestlemania History, to his amazing entrances week in and week out. This 2 - Disc DVD covers some of the Heartbreak Kids's greatest matches of his entire career, and also provides background to them.

Matches Include:

<li type="square">AWA Tag Team Championship Match
<li type="square">Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match - HBK vs. Razor Ramon at WrestleMania X
<li type="square">Iron Man Match - HBK vs. Bret Hart at WrestleMania XII
<li type="square">No-Holds-Barred Match - HBK vs. Big Daddy Cool Diesel
<li type="square">WWE Championship Match HBK vs. Mankind
<li type="square">First Ever Hell in a Cell - HBK vs. Undertaker
<li type="square">Shawn's comeback Non-Sanctioned Match vs. Triple H at SummerSlam 2002

DVD Features

  • Diesel Interview: Ordinary 90 second promo by Kevin "Diesel" Nash regarding the No Holds Barred match.

  • Big Daddy Cool: More of the same, but with Kevin Nash more in the 'Diesel' character. HBK throws his 5 cents worth in as well.

  • Good Friends: Short & mediocre promo for the upcoming pay-per-view match.

  • Better Enemies: More of the same, but a little better.

  • In Your House: Yet another promo, but this is longer, better produced & more informative. The only one of the five extras concerning this match that was really needed.

  • Have A Nice Day: Short little promo asking the WWE fans to pray that Mankind does not become the new WWE champion.

  • SlamJam Promo: Average 30 second monologue from HBK.

  • Mankind Promo: Classic little promo by Foley from the boiler-room.

  • Brain Surgeon: OK interview with Michaels on the day of the 'Mind Games' match.

  • Pre-Match Interview: Interview of Michaels, by Kevin Kelly, moments before the main event against Mankind. Showed fairly well that this match would be a little different than the usual HBK bout.

  • Hell In A Cell TV Spot: Ok little (45 second) promotional spot for the HIAC match against The Undertaker.

  • Building Hell: The now familiar, but good, look at the building of the cell. Narrated by Vince McMahon.

  • Blaze Of Glory: Nicely put together 5 minute interview of HBK in the ring on Raw by Jim Ross. Includes a short speech by The Undertaker.

  • Good News, Bad News: Backstage interview before the big HIAC match.

  • '97 Badd Blood: Interesting & well-produced 3 minute promo looking at Michaels in general, and then the Hell In A Cell match specifically.

  • Nothing Left: Nicely put together look at HBK & Triple H. Some of their history is shown, but it concentrates mostly on the lead up to the 2002 return bout. Four minutes worth & includes the song "Fight" in the background.

  • Hammered!: The aftermath of the match where Triple H ruined the HBK party by savaging him with his sledgehammer.

  • Photo Gallery: Super clear stills of all matches on both discs of this DVD set, except the AWA bout.
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