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Wrong Turn is not too good


This movie is pretty much a rehash of House of 1,000 Corpses, except this time the people in the house don't look like dirty carnies but horrible mutants. Again there are a group of teens, lost in the woods, this time in West Virginia. Chris needs to get across state to an interview, and he is running late. He takes a short cut and barrels into a car, effectively trashing both vehicles.

The other car contains some hotties, and two other guys. The four set off into the woods to look for anybody who can help them. The four eventually come across a house that they enter, and in it they find all sorts of body parts and other disgusting things. Soon, they are running from three inbred mountain men, who shuffle slowly yet still seem right on the heels of four young people running quickly.

No matter where these people go, the mountain men are close behind, seemingly trailing them day and night. Their intentions are never too clear. Either they want to eat them, or rip their bodies apart and put the various pieces in jars. They are not menacing, and instead look like somebody put on masks that were accidentally melted. There are only one or two moments designed to make the audience jump that actually work.

The gore is not that gory, and the audience never cares for the safety of the four people. The film hits the ground running, so there is no emotional basis to ground anybody in. Character development to McElroy is making up a short bio and revealing it bit by bit. It tells some superficial information about each character, but nobody learns anything of substance about them. The West Virginia setting is a little different, and a lot of the action surprisingly takes place during the day, but that doesn't excuse the rest of the movie.

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