: : : World War Z
===Story=== World War Z tells the story of an employee of the United Nations that is in a race against both time and fate. The world is suffering from a very deadly Zombie pandemic; one that threatens the existence of the human race. ===DVD Features===


Brad PittGerry Lane
Mireille EnosKarin Lane
Daniella KerteszSegen
James Badge DaleCaptain Speke
Ludi BoekenJurgen Warmbrunn
Matthew FoxParajumper
Fana MokoenaThierry Umutoni
David MorseEx-CIA Agent
Elyes GabelAndrew Fassbach
Peter CapaldiW.H.O. Doctor
Pierfrancesco FavinoW.H.O. Doctor
Ruth NeggaW.H.O. Doctor
Moritz BleibtreuW.H.O. Doctor
Sterling JerinsConstance Lane
Abigail HargroveRachel Lane
Fabrizio Zacharee GuidoTomas

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