: : : Wolf's Rain - Loss
===Story=== The war between the Nobles is heating up; as fighting erupts, it will affect the lives of wolf and human alike. The soldiers who have been on the trail of Cheza and the wolves turn their attention to battling the invading forces. Meanwhile, Hubb, on his quest to find Cher, is arrested and interrogated. The wolves may have escaped the soldiers, but Darcia is another matter entirely. When he confronts them, they refuse to return Cheza to him. Darcia meets their defiance with force. When he returns to his keep, tragic scene awaits him. Blue, meanwhile, struggle to come to terms with what Cheza revealed to her in their first meeting. She's lost a part of her life forever and she realizes she cannot go back to Quent. But will she be able to join Kiba and the others? Episodes: 11. Vanishing Point
12. Don't Make Me Blue
13. Men's Lament
14. The Fallen Keep ===DVD Features=== *Animated *Color *Dolby *Subtitled *NTSC
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