: : : Witch Hunter Robin: Inquisition

Witch Hunter Robin: Inquisition

===Story=== After another seemingly routine investigation of a Witch-related murder, a strange old woman appears and speaks to Robin. She claims to know the truth about Witches, about the Craft, and even about Robin herself. But Robin refuses to believe the tale she spins about gods and demons and the blood that carries power. In the end, the woman left more questions than she answered. Next comes an Inquisitor from headquarters to test a potential Hunter. He is the one who examined Robin, and he reveals that on that day, he gave her some very powerful information After her encounters with the old woman and the Inquisitor, Robin has a strange vision and is attacked. She manages to escape, but it soon becomes clear that Robin is being targetted by someone and that everyone around her is in danger! Episodes: 11. The Soul Cages
12. Precious Illusions
13. The Eyes of Truth
14. Loaded Guns ===DVD Features=== •Interactive Animated Menus •STNJ Files •Liner Notes •Reversible Cover


Masahiko Ohkura

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