: : : Witch Hunter Robin: Fugitive

Witch Hunter Robin: Fugitive

===Story=== After the attack on Robin at her apartment, Michael, Dojima, and the others convince her to stay at headquarters. They believe that she will be safe there. They also start to believe that perhaps it is Amon who is after her, as he hasn't been seen since the night of the attack. But they are wrong. A brutal attack is staged on STNJ headquarters, and only Robin escapes - and only because she had help. After the attack, the STNJ team tries its best, but with both Robin and Amon missing, they are having a very tough time. Robin, meanwhile, has been given a job as a messenger at a law firm. It's a far cry from Hunting, but still, she finds that she seems to be inescapably tied to Witches. Her new employer, Nagira, is also doing something which puts his life in jeopardy. Once again, Robin must use her powers to protect the people around her. but are her powers truly out of control? ===DVD Features=== •Voice Actor Interview •STNJ Files •Line Notes •Reversible Cover •Interactive Animated Menus


Masahiko Ohkura

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