: : : Witch Hunter Robin: Determination

Witch Hunter Robin: Determination

===Story=== Now that Robin has demonstrated her true power in front of Nagira, she has to tell him everything. While this leads to a deeper understanding between the two, it also raises more questions than it answers. They work together on a series of leads to uncover the mysteries before them. Meanwhile, at the STNJ, things are still not back to normal. Although Sakaki has almost recovered from his injuries, the team is still handicapped by the loss of Robin and Amon. And the disappearance of Zaizen has not gone unnoticed. Robin continues to contact Michael and the swap information. And to make matters worse, Solomon has decided that Robin must be eliminated. One by one, they send their top hunters to eliminate Robin. Now, Robin has learned to understand the pain of being Hunted, of being a Witch. In her darkest hour, Amon will reappear. But does he arrive as savior or executioner? Episodes: • 19. Missing • 20. All I Really Oughtta Know • 21. No Way Out • 22. Family Portrait ===DVD Features=== •Interactive Animated Menus •Voice Actor Interviews: Akeno Watanabe (Robin, Kaho Koda (Karasuma) •Liner Notes •Reversible Cover


Masahiko Ohkura

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