: : : Witch Hunter Robin: Belief

Witch Hunter Robin: Belief

===Story=== Robin has begun settling into her new life at the STNJ. She's been practicing with her powers and made some extraordinary progress. The arrival of her beloved Vespa has given her a sense of independence and freedom. But, unfortunately there is no shortage of witch-related incidents that need to be solved. A fatal car accident seems ordinary enough, but Robin met the driver the night she died. And when they examine the clues, she insists that something is wrong. Her instinct will lead her to the path of the murderer. There is no single type of witch, and Robin and the STNJ will face them all: Witches who kill out of vengeance; A witch who takes a life so that another might be spared. And this time around, one of the STNJ's target will be someone close to them. Episodes: 6. Raindrops
7. Simple Mind
8. Faith
9. Sign of the Craft
10. Separate Lives ===DVD Features=== •STNJ Equipment Files •Liner Notes •Reversible Cover


Masahiko Ohkura

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