: : : Winter Passing
===Story=== Actress Reese Holden (Deschanel) has been offered a small fortune by a book editor if she can secure for publication the love letters that her father (Harris), a reclusive novelist, wrote to her mother, who has since passed away. Returning to Michigan, Reese finds that an ex-grad student (Warner) and a would-be musician (Ferrell) have moved in with her father, who cares more about his new friends than he does about his own health and well-being.


Zooey DeschanelReese Holden
John Bedford LloydLeontes
Deirdre O'ConnellDeirdre
Mandy SiegfriedRuth
Amy MadiganLori Lansky
Dallas RobertsRay
Robert BeitzelRob
Will FerrellCorbit
Ed HarrisDon Holden
Mary Jo DeschanelMary
Amelia WarnerShelly
Sam BottomsBrian
Anthony RappDean
Michael ChernusBen
Guy BoydHunter

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7.4 / 10