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===Story=== As accomplished as it is superfluous, ''Willard'' is a stylish horror film with plenty of style and precious little horror. Genre buffs will appreciate it as a visually superior sequel/remake of its popular 1971 predecessor, giving Crispin Glover a title role perfectly suited to his uniquely odd persona, in the same league as ''Psycho'''s Norman Bates. This time, Willard's the psychotically lonely son of the original film's now-deceased protagonist; a milquetoast introvert who befriends an army of obedient rats--lethal allies when Willard's pushed to his emotional breaking point by his abusive boss (R. Lee Ermey). In keeping with his memorably macabre episodes of ''X-Files'', writer-director Glen Morgan excels with dreary atmosphere and mischievously morbid humor (including an ill-fated cat named Scully), and Glover gives his best performance since ''River's Edge''. But even the furry villain Ben--an oversized rat with attitude--is more funny than frightful... so really, what's the point? With some justification, Glover's fans will appreciate the open door to a sequel. ''--Jeff Shannon'' ===DVD Features=== *Color *Closed-captioned *Widescreen *Dolby


Crispin GloverWillard
R. Lee ErmeyMr. Martin
Laura HarringCathryn
Jackie BurroughsMrs. Stiles
David ParkerDetective Boxer
Ty OlssonOfficer Salmon

May 13, 05 11:42am

Because Willard feels tormented both at work and at home, he is often a cowering fool....

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4.0 / 10