: : : Will & Grace - Season Four

Will & Grace - Season Four

===Story=== As the fourth season of NBC's award-winning comedy begins, Will (Eric McCormack) has just returned from France--alone--while Grace (Debra Messing) is still seeing Nathan (Woody Harrelson). Meanwhile, Jack (Sean Hayes) is adjusting to fatherhood of newfound preteen son Elliot (Sky High's Michael Angarano), while Karen (Megan Mullally) remains, well, Karen. Alas, in "Crouching Father, Hidden Husband," the authorities finally catch up with her (never seen) tax-evading hubbie Stan and toss him in the clink. Grace's relationship with Nathan, on the other hand, continues to blossom until talk turns to marriage in "The Rules of Engagement." Guest stars include Parker Posey as Jack's stylish supervisor ("Loose Lips Sinks Relationships," "Jingle Balls"), Matt Damon as a closeted choral singer ("A Chorus Lie"), Glenn Close as an eccentric photographer ("Hocus Focus"), and her former co-star Michael Douglas ("Fagel Attraction") as a "detective" with the hots for Will. There are also recurring guests, like Debbie Reynolds as Grace's drama queen mother ("Moveable Feast," a double-length episode), director Sydney Pollack as Will's wayward father ("Cheatin' Trouble Blues"), and Jack's favorite diva, Cher, as herself ("A.I.: Artificial Insemination," the season finale). By the end of season four, Will and Grace will still be single, Karen's husband will still be incarcerated (but at least she'll have maid Rosario to keep her company), and Jack will still be, as he used to say, "Just Jack!" As always, the year will end with a cliffhanger as Will and Grace decide to have a baby together. ===DVD Features=== *Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo) *27 episodes on 4 discs *Outtakes *Themed featurettes


Eric McCormackWill Truman
Debra MessingGrace Adler
Megan MullallyKaren Walker
Sean HayesJack McFarland
Shelley MorrisonRosario Salazar
Woody HarrelsonNathan
Adam GoldbergKevin Wolchek
Michael AngaranoElliot
Parker PoseyDorleen
Marshall ManeshMr. Zamir
Debbie ReynoldsBobbi Adler
Nick OffermanNick the Plumber
Beau BridgesDaniel McFarland
Blythe DannerMarilyn Truman
Kirk BaltzGlenn Gabriel
Rosie O'DonnellBonnie
Maggie WheelerPolly
Matt DamonOwen
Tom GallopRob
Leigh-Allyn BakerEllen
Sydney PollackGeorge Truman
Michael DouglasDetective Gavin Hatch
Molly ShannonVal Bassett
Glenn CloseFannie Lieber
Rip TornLionel Banks
Laura KightlingerNurse Sheila

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