: : : Warlock: The Armageddon
===Story=== This follow-up to ''Warlock'' boasts more sophisticated visual effects, slicker production values, and bigger (and bloodier) action, but fans of the original's dry wit and tight story may be disappointed. It's really more a rehash than a sequel. The Devil is up to his old tricks again, sending his favorite son (the title character) on a mission to recover six runes--ancient stones that will allow His Satanic Majesty to escape Hell and once again walk the Earth. Leading the forces of good are a group of modern-day druids and a pair of teenage lovers who have no idea they've been selected to save the world. There are some genuinely spooky moments, a few laughs, and some nice visual touches, but the scattershot script keeps throwing out one cool idea after another, hoping something sticks. On the other hand, if watching Julian Sands writhe on the ground spewing black blood sounds like a good time, this may be just the ticket. ''Gremlins'' star Zach Galligan has a cameo (as the boyfriend of the Warlock's mom!) ''--Geof Miller'' ===DVD Features=== *Color *Dolby *Widescreen


Julian SandsWarlock
Chris YoungKenny Travis
Paula MarshallSamantha Ellison
Joanna PaculaPaula Dare
R.G. ArmstrongFranks
Bruce GloverTed Ellison
Craig HurleyAndy
Davis GainesNathan Sinclair
Rebecca StreetKate

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