War of the Worlds review
War of the Wolrds Review


War of the Worlds stars Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning and is a remake of the previous movie about the world as we know it being invaded by an alien force. This movie was okay but it disappointed me in many ways. Some things were very far fetched and didn't make sense (warning some spoilers). Like for instance there is a scene where a plane gets shot out the sky and lands in a neighborhood. Now oddly enough everything in the neighborhood is destroyed (houses, cars, ect...) except the only car that works for our lead actor to escape in.

Also another thing that bugged me was the ending, the ending was very anti-climatic (I am not going to say it but just take my word) and left you with a sort of disappointed, dumbfounded feeling. The story up until that point was very interesting, somewhat scary too in some parts. However the last 5 minutes really take away from the rest of the movie. The CGs were pretty good as well.

All in all it was good, not great but good. I recommend it to fans of these Sci Fi style alien movies as it has some action and drama to satisfy you.

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