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Graphics Can't Win Alone

The good:

The graphics in this movie were awesome. It definitely set it apart from the typical graphics we see in Sci Fi these days, which tend to look fairly similar when compared together.

The bad:

The aliens that we saw looked like the typical aliens in Sci Fi movies, greenish gray, large eyes, long arms and hands, etc, etc.

The plot in the movie was weak, and only actually appeared once or twice during the entire showing of the movie. Most of it was a series of violent encounters or long, dreary walks, which made up the majority of this pretty much boring and depressing movie.


Ah, War of the Worlds. Being a fan of Action films and pretty interested in some of the more recent horror ones, like Saw, the commercials intrigued me. The plot line, in short, is that we areinvaded by aliens who have no intent of slavery, communication or any form of contact at all outside of world wide irradication.

The beginning of the movie had some plot to it that's fairly interesting. Tom Cruise, our lead, is the divorced father of two children, who stay with him when his mother heads to Chicago to stay with her parents until her third child with a new husband is born. Almost right of...


War of the Worlds Remake


Spielberg uses his considerable talents, and, for the first time relies on a lot of digital effects, to shift the story into the present. The result is pretty impressive. There hasn't been this much destruction since Independence Day. Alien tripods devastate cities across the globe, incinerating humans with laser blasts and picking them up with metallic tentacles.

Tom Cruise plays Ray, and the film quickly establishes him as a washed up dad. He's good at his job, but seems a bit lazy. His marriage failed, and he's not the greatest father to his children. He simply doesn't know how to handle ...


War of the Wolrds Review


War of the Worlds stars Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning and is a remake of the previous movie about the world as we know it being invaded by an alien force. This movie was okay but it disappointed me in many ways. Some things were very far fetched and didn't make sense (warning some spoilers). Like for instance there is a scene where a plane gets shot out the sky and lands in a neighborhood. Now oddly enough everything in the neighborhood is destroyed (houses, cars, ect...) except the only car that works for our lead actor to escape in.

Also another thing that bugged me was the ending, the en...