: : : Veronica Mars - The Complete Third Season

Veronica Mars - The Complete Third Season

===Story=== Hoping to leave the ghosts of Neptune High behind her, Veronica is now a freshman at Hearst College, along with her boyfriend, Logan Echolls, and best friends, Wallace Fennel and Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie. But despite the students' efforts to soak up the college experience in their own way, it quickly becomes obvious that some ghosts are here to stay. Add the increasingly dangerous private investigator business run by Veronica's father, Keith (Colantoni), to her spreading reputation around campus as a girl who can fix the unfixable, and it becomes clear that Hearst College has never encountered a student like Veronica Mars before. Building on its trademark twists and turns but featuring a new campus, new faces and new surprises, "Veronica Mars" promises to keep old and new fans alike guessing in its third season. ===DVD Features=== *'''Pitching Season 4:''' An in-depth interview with Creator Rob Thomas discussing a new direction for the series presented to network executives that picks up years later, with Veronica as a rookie FBI agent *'''Going Undercover with Rob Thomas:''' Show Creator Rob Thomas walks us through some of the most memorable moments from Season 3 *Webisode Gallery with cast interviews and various set tours *Unaired Scenes with introductions by Rob Thomas *Gag Reel


Kristen BellVeronica Mars
Jason DohringLogan Echolls
Percy Daggs IIIWallace Fennel
Ryan HansenDick Casablancas
Julie GonzaloParker Lee
Chris LowellStosh 'Piz' Piznarski
Tina MajorinoCindy 'Mac' Mackenzie
Michael MuhneySheriff Don Lamb
Francis CapraEli 'Weevil' Navarro
Enrico ColantoniKeith Mars
Ken MarinoVinnie Van Lowe
Patrick FabianProfessor Hank Landry
Jason BegheCormac Fitzpatrick
Charisma CarpenterKendall Casablancas
Dan CastellanetaDr. Kinny
Armie HammerKurt
Ed Begley Jr.Cyrus O'Dell
Laura San GiacomoHarmony Chase
David TomChip Diller
Cher FerreyraFern Delgado
Jamie ChungDancing Girl
Chris EllisReverend Ted Capistrano
Dianna AgronJenny Budosh
Anthony AziziRashad Krimani
Jack McGeeMr. Murphy
Paul RuddDesmond Fellows
Patrick FischlerRussell Marchant

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