: : : Vandread Volume 1 - Enemy Engaged

Vandread Volume 1 - Enemy Engaged

===Story=== In Vandread the concept of men and women being from different planets takes on a completely literal meaning. During the launch of a new battleship from the men's world of Tarak a third class citizen Hibiki sneaks onboard in hopes of stealing one of the vanguard mechs, but he gets more than he bargained for when he's caught in the middle of a fight between the men's military and attacking female pirates from the women's planet Mejale. Things take an unusual twist when the pirates, along with Hibiki and two male officers Duero and Bart, find themselves transported across space to a completely new sector, and they're certainly not getting a warm welcome. Now the men and women must work together if they are to return home as they try to cope with their new enemy, the changes in their ships and the problems of living with each other.


Julie MaddalenaDita Liebely
Rafael Antonio OliverHibiki Tokai
Julie PickeringMeia Gisborn
Melissa WilliamsonJura Basil Elden
Catherine LucianiMagno Vivan
Wendee LeeBuzam A. Calessa
Jane AlanGascogne Rheingau
David LucasDuero Mcfile
Ron AllenBart Garsus
Debra CunninghamBarnette Orangello

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