: : : Vandread: The Second Stage Volume 3 - Revelations

Vandread: The Second Stage Volume 3 - Revelations

===Story=== During a battle in the midst of a magnetic storm Hibiki gets separated from his friends and ends up stranded on a planet populated by telepaths. Confusion gives way to clarity as he is forced to face the darkness of what is to come and learn about himself. At the same time Duero uncovers secrets about Hibiki's past that holds great meaning to this conflict. But even after the crew find Hibiki and leave the storm behind all is not well. As if the alien attackers were not enough they now have to face the threat of Tarak's defense system. As the timer counts down someone onboard must surely know how to avoid the worst.


Julie MaddalenaDita Liebely
Rafael Antonio OliverHibiki Tokai
Julie PickeringMeia Gisborn
Melissa WilliamsonJura Basil Elden
Catherine LucianiMagno Vivan
Wendee LeeBuzam A. Calessa
Jane AlanGascogne Rheingau
David LucasDuero Mcfile
Ron AllenBart Garsus
Debra CunninghamBarnette Orangello
Lia SargentMisty Cornwell

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