: : : V - The Complete First Season

V - The Complete First Season

===Story=== They arrive. Earth's first alien encounter begins when huge motherships appear over 29 major cities. The visitors - the Vs - are human-like beings who know our languages and bring awesome gifts of healing and technology. People everywhere welcome them as saviors. But a fledgling resistance is on the rise, determined to reveal the shocking truth. Among the underground cadre: an FBI Counter Terrorism Agent who uncovers a terror cell no one ever expected...and finds that her teenage son is drawn to the beauty and promise of the Vs. Get in the know with the amazing first season of the series that combines sci-fi thrills with the uncertainties of the post-9/11 world. Here. Now. Adventure begins. ===DVD Features=== * Commentary Tracks * Unaired Scenes * "The Visual FX of V" featurette * "The Actor's Journey" featurette * "An Alien in Human Skin: The Makeup FX of V" featurette


Elizabeth MitchellErica Evans
Morris ChestnutRyan Nichols
Joel GretschFather Jack Landry
Logan HuffmanTyler Evans
Lourdes BenedictoValerie Stevens
Laura VandervoortLisa
Morena BaccarinAnna
Scott WolfChad Decker
Alan TudykDale Maddox
Mark HildrethJoshua
Lexa DoigDr. Leah Pearlman
David Richmond-PeckGeorgie Sutton
Ty OlssonJeffrey

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