: : : Utawarerumono Vol 5 - The Beast Within

Utawarerumono Vol 5 - The Beast Within

===Story=== The battles in Na Tunk are about to draw to a close, as the soldiers of Tuskuru work closely with the rebels to retake the land. Karula seems to know something about the rebel leader. What connection could exist there? But the problems in Na Tunk are nothing compared to what is coming. Tired of the persecution the kingdom of Kunnekamun, led by the ruler Kuuya, attempts to unite the lands under one rule through force. Using weapons far more powerful than any other nation possesses their victory seems certain, but this path will lead to former friends Hakuoro and Kuuya standing on opposite sides. ===DVD Features=== *Omake Theatre *Utawarerumono: The Story So Far *Character Art Gallery *Clean Opening Animation *Clean Closing Animation *Previews


Nancy Novotny
Luci Christian
Chris Patton
John Gremillion
Jason Douglas
Shelly Calene-Black
Kelly Manison
Kira Vincent-Davis

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