: : : Utawarerumono Vol 3 - A Haunted Past

Utawarerumono Vol 3 - A Haunted Past

===Story=== Things certainly aren't easy for the emperior of Tuskuru. Hakuoro's problems go from bad to worse as the region of Kuccha Keccha launches a surprise attack, and the losses incurred hit home harder than ever before. When Hakuro finally confronts their armies he crosses paths with their leader who seems to know something of his past, but is it the truth or mere fiction? Doubts rise in the minds of those in Tuskuru as the armies of Kuccha Keccha are aided by a member of the Evankulga, proud swordfighters said to fight against evil. Just what secrets are buried in Hakuoro's past? ===DVD Features=== * Omake Theatre * Character Art Gallery * Interview with Suara * Clean Opening Animation * Clean Closing Animation * Previews


Nancy Novotny
Chris Patton
John Gremillion
Jason Douglas
Shelly Calene-Black
Kelly Manison
Kira Vincent-Davis

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