: : : Used Cars
===Story=== This 1980 film by director Robert Zemeckis gives no indication of things to come in his career (''Contact'', ''Forrest Gump''), but it is representative of a certain cynical humor he shared early on with writer-partner Bob Gale. Kurt Russell and Jack Warden star in a sketchy comedy about competing used-car salesmen who resort to outrageous tactics to lure customers away from each other. The jokes, like the characters, are intentionally recycled, self-conscious comic fodder from a baby-boomer's lifetime (such as Gale's or Zemeckis's) of immersion in pop culture. That makes ''Used Cars'' more pastiche than original (the film's title itself suggests that), but as such it has some good, if vaguely familiar, laughs in it. Russell, particularly, is very funny as a practiced con man. ''--Tom Keogh'' ===DVD Features=== *Color *Closed-captioned *Widescreen


Kurt RussellRudy Russo
Jack WardenRoy L. Fuchs/Luke Fuchs
Gerrit GrahamJeff
Frank McRaeJim the Mechanic
Joe FlahertySam Slaton
David L. LanderFreddie Paris
Michael McKeanEddie Winslow
Michael TalbottMickey
Harry NorthupCarmine
Alfonso ArauManuel
Al LewisJudge Harrison
Woodrow ParfreyMr. Chartner
Wendie Jo SperberNervous Nona

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