: : : Urban Justice
===Story=== Max Ballister is a street cop working in the heart of the poverty stricken city who made the mistake of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Gunned down in the street in a senseless act of violence his murder goes unsolved and the killer unidentified. When Simon Ballister, a former government specials ops agent, learns of his son's murder, he soon moves into the very neighborhood where Max was killed in order to spend his days asking questions and cracking heads as he searches for the killer of his son. He quickly makes enemies with the local gang members and soon finds himself a target of their hostility. Simon's ability with weapons and his flawless fighting skills prove useful as he uncovers a tangled web of deceit and murder.


Steven SeagalSimon Ballister
Eddie GriffinArmand Tucker
Carmen SeranoAlice Park
Cory HartMax Ballister
Liezl CarstensLinda
Kirk B. R. WollerDet. Frank Shaw
Mary EvansIrene
Jade YorkerGary Morrison
Jermaine WashingtonRasheed
Brian LuceroBenny
Danny TrejoEl Chivo
Diego Joaquin LopezWinston
Grady McCardellDwight Morris

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