: : : Until Death
===Story=== Stowe is coming off of a drug deal in which two officers were killed and the primary villain, the drugs, the money and the surveillance tapes are still at large. He is also dealing with his wife, who has just informed him that she is pregnant - but the child is not his. After a gunfight, Stowe comes very close to death and falls into a coma. While on the road to recovery, Stowe finds himself in a very personal battle to make amends with his kidnapped wife and to avenge his assailant once and for all.


Jean-Claude Van DammeAnthony Stowe
Selina GilesValerie Stowe
Mark DymondMark Rossini
William AshSerge
Stephen LordJimmy Medina
Gary BeadleMac
C. Gerod HarrisRoss
Wes RobinsonChad Mansen
Stephen ReaGabriel Callaghan
Buffy DavisJane
Alana MariaClementine
Fiona O'ShaughnessyLucy
Adam LeeseVan Huffel
Rachel GrantMaria Ronson
Paul WilliamsTommy

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