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Rocky gets a prison-block makeover in Undisputed, and the generic combination packs a vicious one-two punch. Owing much to the macho, gut-busting B movies of Hollywood's golden age, this no-nonsense drama gets right down to business, beginning when heavyweight champ "Iceman" Chambers (Ving Rhames) enters Sweetwater prison on a rape charge. The prison has a boxing program, and convicted killer Monroe Hutchen (Wesley Snipes) is the 10-year undefeated champion. A challenge bout is coordinated by an aging mobster prisoner (Peter Falk) and the head guard (Michael Rooker), and Undisputed pummels its way to its brutal and unpredictable conclusion. Colorful characters abound (foul-mouthed Falk is the hilarious standout), and seasoned director Walter Hill (coscripting with his Alien partner David Giler) brings them together with invigorating focus. There's not an ounce of fat on this tough-minded movie, and even its inevitable outcome seems freshly unexpected. Obviously inspired by Mike Tyson's ill-fated escapades, Undisputed turns fact into potent cellblock fiction. --Jeff Shannon


Wesley SnipesMonroe Hutchen
Ving RhamesGeorge 'Iceman' Chambers
Peter FalkMendy Ripstein
Michael RookerA.J. Mercker
Jon SedaJesus 'Chuy' Campos
Wes StudiMingo Pace
Fisher StevensJames 'Ratbag' Kroycek
Dayton CallieYank Lewis
Amy AquinoDarlene Early
Johnny WilliamsAl
Nils Allen StewartVern Van Zant
Denis ArndtWarden Lipscom
Ed LoverMarvin Bonds
Master PGat Boyz Rapper 1
Silkk Tha ShockerGat Boyz Rapper 2
C-MurderGat Boyz Rapper 3
BozGat Boyz Rapper 4

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