Underworld review
ZOMG another vampire flick

The good:

-Kate Beckinsale as a goth?
-Nice storyline
-Special effects and music

The bad:

-Slightly played out


To be honest, I don't really remember this movie too well, because while all the scenes were alright, there was nothing memorable at all. Beckinsale was hot as ever, and was a good lead character. The story is about werewolves and vampires fighting it out, so its pretty interesting. The action was nice, but too much like Blade. Also, the entire movie took place at night (understandable), but it got tiring on the eyes after a while.
The final battle scene was nice and Matrix-like, and thank God there wasn't a romance scene at the end. Some of the bad guys looked like they should have won, but of course Beckinsale had to win.

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