: : : Twilight Of The Dark Master

Twilight Of The Dark Master

===Story=== From the beginning of time, Powerful, grotesque Demons and beautiful, noble Guardians have battled for Earth. A deep hatred eternally burns between Demon and Guardian; the Guardians knew the Demons’ thirst for blood and power would destroy humanity and the world itself. Eons later, in the year 2089, few Demons or Guardians remain in Neo-Shinjuku to continue their epic war. Humans rule the Earth, with no real memory of the monstrous Demons or angelic Guardians. Yet, deep within the dark underworld of the city, the supreme Demon is still alive and plotting, once again, to overtake mankind. Only one Guardian is left to do battle, and the fate of the human race hangs in the balance… ===DVD Features=== * Exclusive footage of the animation director/character designer at work * Original artwork gallery


Andrew PhilpotTsunami Shijo
Barbara GoodsonTakamiya
Denise PorierSizuka Tachibana
John DemitaHuang Long
John HostetterDetective Kumazawa

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