: : : Trouble with the Curve
===Story=== Gus Lobel has been one of the best scouts in baseball for decades, but, despite his efforts to hide it, age is starting to catch up with him. Nevertheless, Gus—who can tell a pitch just by the crack of the bat—refuses to be benched for what could be the final innings of his career. He may not have a choice. The front office of the Atlanta Braves is starting to question his judgment, especially with the country's hottest batting phenom on deck for the draft. The one person who might be able to help is also the one person Gus would never ask: his daughter, Mickey, an associate at a high-powered Atlanta law firm whose drive and ambition has put her on the fast track to becoming partner. Mickey has never been close to her father, who was ill-equipped to be a single parent after the death of his wife. Even now, in the rare moments they share, he is too easily distracted by what Mickey assumes is his first love: the game. Against her better judgment, and over Gus's objections, Mickey joins him on his latest scouting trip to North Carolina, jeopardizing her own career to save his. Forced to spend time together for the first time in years, each makes new discoveries—revealing long-held truths about their past and present that could change their future. ===DVD Features===


Clint EastwoodGus
Chelcie RossSmitty
Raymond Anthony ThomasLucious
Ed LauterMax
Amy AdamsMickey
Clifton GutermanNeil
Carla FisherLaw Receptionist
George WynerRosenbloom
Bob GuntonWatson
Jack GilpinSchwartz
Matthew LillardPhillip Sanderson
Robert PatrickVince
John GoodmanPete Klein
Nathan WrightDrunk Fan
Scott EastwoodBilly Clark
Matt BushDanny
Justin TimberlakeJohnny
Sam CollinsKid #1
Chandler George BrownKid #2
Louis FoxLloyd
Ricky MuseJimmy
Tom DreesenRock
Don YoungRegular #1
Leon LamarRegular #2
Julia WaltersYoung Mickey
Peter HermannGreg
Tom DreesenRock
Don YoungRegular #1
Leon LamarRegular #2
Julia WaltersYoung Mickey
Peter HermannGreg
Dane DavenportWaiter #1
Eric MendenhallWaiter #2
James Patrick FreetlyTodd
Norma AlvarezGrace Sanchez
Tyler SilvaCarlos Sanchez
Jay GallowayRigo Sanchez
Melissa LorenzMom in Diner
Jack LorenzBoy in Diner
Rory LorenzGirl in Diner
Dave CohenAnnouncer #1
Joe MassingillBo Gentry
Seth MeriwetherWilson
Kenny AlfonsoUmpire
Josh WarrenPItcher
Clayton LandeyManager
Matthew BradySwannanoa Manager (as Matt Brady)
Bart HansardBo's Father
Ryan Patrick WilliamsGrizzly Player #1
Xavier FloydGrizzly Player #2
Rus BlackwellRick
Brian F. DurkinMatt Nelson
Darren Le GalloNurse
Sammy BlueMusician
Patricia FrenchDiner Waitress
Jackie PruchaSecretary
Rhubarb JonesAnnouncer #2
Scott EstepUmpire
Tom NowickiRed Sox GM
Jason GondekRed Sox Exec
Bud SeligHimself (MLB Commissioner)
Mark ThomasonBraves Official
Cara MantellaAssistant

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  • Genre: Sports Movies
  • Theme(s): Lifestyle
  • Director: Robert Lorenz
  • Producer: Warner Bros. Pictures
  • Length: 111 Min
  • Aspect ratio: 2.35:1
  • Theatrical Release
    North AmericaSep 21, 2012
    EuropeNov 30, 2012
    JapanNov 23, 2012
    AustraliaDec 6, 2012
  • Ratings
    North AmericaPG-13
  • Blu-ray Release
    North AmericaDec 18, 2012
  • DVD Release
    North AmericaDec 18, 2012
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