: : : Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story

Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story

===Story=== One of English literature's most anarchic classics - The Life And Opinions Of Tristram Shandy - adapted by one of cinema's most daring film-makers, A Cock And Bull Story is a comedy from acclaimed director, Michael Winterbottom. Bringing together the cream of British comedy talent, this is a film which perfectly captures the spirit of the novel - a celebration of the wonderful, unfathomable chaos of life itself. A Cock And Bull Story is an energetic, laugh out loud adaptation of a book which is unadaptable, and this is wrapped round by an affectionate and equally hilarious account of what it's like trying to make a film - especially when the two lead actors are constantly vying with each other for attention.


Steve CooganTristram Shandy/Walter Shandy/Steve Coogan
Rob BrydonCapt. Toby Shandy/Rob Brydon
Keeley HawesElizabeth/Keeley Hawes
Shirley HendersonSusannah
Paul KynmanObadiah
Dylan MoranDr. Slop
David WalliamsParson
Jeremy NorthamMark
Benedict WongEd
Naomie HarrisJennie
Kelly MacdonaldJenny
Mark WilliamsIngoldsby
Roger AllamAdrian
Ashley JensenLindsey
James FleetSimon
Ian HartJoe
Ronni AnconaAnita
Stephen FryPatrick Curator/Parson Yorick
Gillian AndersonWidow Wadman

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7.2 / 10