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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

===Story=== When Sam Witwicky finds out some crucial information about the Transformers' creation and their history on our planet, the Decepticons set out to catch him and pick his brain. Optimus Prime must join forces with armies from nations all over the world in order to stage an epic battle against the Decepticons in the enigmatic land of Egypt. Many secrets about both human and Cybertronian history are revealed amid spectacular clashes of robot vs. robot


Shia LaBeoufSam Witwicky
Megan FoxMikaela Banes
Josh DuhamelMajor Lennox
Tyrese GibsonUSAF Master Sergeant Epps
John TurturroSimmons
Ramon RodriguezLeo Spitz
Kevin DunnRon Witwicky
Julie WhiteJudy Witwicky
Isabel LucasAlice
John Benjamin HickeyGalloway
Matthew MarsdenSpecial Air Service Forces
Andrew HowardSpecial Air Service Forces
Michael PapajohnCal
Glenn MorshowerGeneral Morshower
John Eric BentleyAide
Erin NaasArcee Rider
Rainn WilsonProfessor Colan
Katie LowesApril the Resident Assistant
Jonathon TrentFassbinder
Walker HowardSharsky (as Howard Walker)
America OlivoFrisbee Girl
Aaron HillFrat Guy
Jareb DauplaiseFrat Guy
John SanderfordPundit
Christopher CurryPundit
Cas AnvarEgyptian Interpol Officer #1
Michael BenyaerEgyptian Interpol Officer #2
Deep RoyEgyptian Guard
Ruben MartinezBedouin with Donkey
Spencer GarrettAir Force Chief Of Staff
Ralph Meyering Jr.NORAD General
Aaron NorvellAir Force Military Police
Eric PierpointNSA Officer
Annie KorzenSimmons Mom
Sean T. KrishnanYakov
David BoweSmithsonian Guard
Kamal JonesSmithsonian Guard
Aaron LustigReporter
Jim HolmesReporter
Kristen WelkerReporter
Cornell WomackFBI Director
David LuengasTicket Agent
Derek WestonJoint Ops Staff (as Derek Alvarado)
Alex FernandezJoint Ops Staff
Casey NelsonJoint Ops Staff
Jason RoehmJoint Ops Staff
John NielsenUSS Roosevelt Captain
Rick CramerDiego Garcia Soldier
Arnold ChunDiego Garcia Soldier
Marvin JordanDiego Garcia Soldier
Marc Evan JacksonCommander, US Central Command
Jayson FloydStrike Force Team
Aaron GarridoStrike Force Team
Josh KellyStrike Force Team
Joel LambertStrike Force Team
David Paul OlsenStrike Force Team (as Dave Olsen)
Geoffrey M. ReevesStrike Force Team (as Geoff Reeves)
Brian ShehanStrike Force Team (as Brian A. Shehan)
Bonecrusher the MastiffHimself
Peter CullenOptimus Prime (voice)
Mark RyanJetfire (voice)
Reno WilsonMudflap (voice)
Jess HarnellIronhide (voice)
Robert FoxworthRatchet (voice)
André SogliuzzoSideswipe (voice)
Grey DelisleArcee (voice)
Hugo WeavingMegatron (voice)
Tony ToddFallen (voice)
Charles AdlerStarscream (voice) (as Charlie Adler)
Frank WelkerSoundwave / Devastator / Reedman / Grindor (voice)
Tom KennyWheelie / Skids (voice)
Calvin WimmerWheelbot (voice)
John Di CrostaDoctor (voice) (as John DiCrosta)
Michael YorkPrime #1 (voice)
Kevin Michael RichardsonPrime #2 / Skipjack / Rampage (voice)
Robin Atkin DownesPrime #3 (voice)

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Jul 21, 13 10:56pm
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Jul 25, 10 8:50pm
The world almost got screwed. TransformersRevengeOfTheFallen
Jul 22, 10 12:25pm
It's ok. Not too bad. Having to hold buttons down to stay in vehicle/weapon mode is annoying though. TransformersRevengeOfTheFallen
Jan 8, 10 1:16pm
Really good graphics. Short TransformersRevengeOfTheFallen
Dec 1, 09 11:14pm
boring not following movie enough but still ok TransformersRevengeOfTheFallen
Nov 10, 09 1:42pm
Great Movie I don't understand why there is so much hate for it. TransformersRevengeOfTheFallen
Oct 3, 09 3:58pm
best one of all TransformersRevengeOfTheFallen
Dark Chaos
Jul 31, 09 3:27am
Nothin TransformersRevengeOfTheFallen
Jul 21, 09 1:30am
gimmi gimmi gimmi i want revenge of the fallen TransformersRevengeOfTheFallen
Jul 17, 09 10:26am
its a boton masher hard and anowing TransformersRevengeOfTheFallen
RabidChinaGirl blogged
Jul 14, 09 4:48am

Right, so that Anime Expo stuff isn't up yet, and I'm thinking of putting up the panel talk I've got anyway. Otherwise, I'm waiting for Vegi's contributions.

Note there is another review up. It's from Activision again -- Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. It's not exactly a winner, I'll tell you that much, but if you're interested in checking out the review for kicks, leaving some feedback, whatever, here it is: Neoseeker reviews Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

I still need to bug H and crew about some ideas I had, even though there's a good chance they won't go through. I know Jamie already proposed some of them, but eh, I really haven't a clue, being in another country and all. Sometimes, I wish I did work in the office. Neoseeker needs to open a Los Angeles branch! Now accepting donations.

In other news, I won this GameStop / Activision sweepstakes that I don't remember entering. I do recall it was something Vegi encouraged me to participate in, so there's that. Either way, me and nine other winners will be going to Comic-Con and put up in a swanky hotel for a few days. We won't get to stay the entire duration, but it should still be quite an experience!

Oh, and holy Hell, Mass Effect 2! Actually, it's all old news to me, since I did get to attend E3 this year and check out BioWare's closed demos. But still! THAAAAANE!!! I want him in my Shepard's pants-bodysuit-armor-thing.

Video took just under 50 minutes to upload, thank you very much. But THAAAANE!! Man, screw exclusive vids and the sites that pay for them. Yeah, you heard me. A lot of these vids are timed exclusives, like video games, and then get an official release later. At that point, any media outlet can access and post the video.

Looking for something to play? I'm spending time with Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires.

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Dark Arcanine
Jul 12, 09 3:43am

Note: I have nothing against Americans, the actors or the fact other people enjoy this...

Jul 3, 09 4:25pm
Well I've finally done it, one thing I must say... Ironhide FTW!!! Yup, I have no platinum'd this game TransformersRevengeOfTheFallen
Jul 3, 09 9:26am
1 down 2 to go... :'( TransformersRevengeOfTheFallen
Jul 3, 09 9:02am
Bah, having trouble with one of the Missions (Starscream's Stand) Any idea which Transformer is best for it? Anyway 3 more to go... TransformersRevengeOfTheFallen
Jul 3, 09 8:39am
Well 5 more Platinums in the Autobot Campaign to go... it really does get easier as time goes on... TransformersRevengeOfTheFallen
Jul 2, 09 7:57pm
Just spent the better part of the day, and gotten Platinums on ALL Decepticon missions. Only got 8 more Platinums to get and I'm done! TransformersRevengeOfTheFallen
Jun 30, 09 11:15am
Just completed the Autobot Campaign, waiting for the credits to finish before I go lunch and play some more Transformers TransformersRevengeOfTheFallen
  • Genre: Sci-Fi Movies
  • Theme(s): Mechs/Bionics, Sci-Fi (Futuristic)
  • Director: Michael Bay
  • Producer: Paramount Pictures
  • Length: 150 min
  • Aspect ratio: 1.44:1
  • Theatrical Release
    North AmericaJun 24, 2009
    EuropeJun 19, 2009
    JapanJun 20, 2009
    AustraliaJun 24, 2009
  • Ratings
    North AmericaPG-13
  • Blu-ray Release
    North AmericaOct 20, 2009
  • DVD Release
    North AmericaOct 20, 2009
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