: : : Trailer Park Boys - Season 5

Trailer Park Boys - Season 5

===Story=== This time around, all three of the boys (Julian, Ricky and Bubbles) went to prison. It'll be worth it if all goes to plan, because when they're released, they'll own Sunnyvale Trailer Park. That's about it really. Except, of course, for the stealing; the dope-dealing out of their grandmother's house; the hash driveway, Mr. Lahey's on-again, off-again alcoholism; a greasy rap video; J-Roc's grocery-theft ring; Lucy's boob job; and Julian's plan to ship dope across the country in shopping carts. ===DVD Features=== *Deleted scenes *Extended takes *Lost interviews *Alternate takes *Bloopers and gags *"A Park of Our Own" featurette *Commentary track by Lahey and Randy *Commentary track by Lucy and Sarah


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