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Trailer Park Boys - Season 4

===Story=== The decrepit, loathsome and preposterously funny world of Sunnyvale Trailer Park begins season four in familiar fashion when anxious Julian (John Paul Tremblay), shirtless Randy (Patrick Roach), and hard-luck Lahey (John Dunsworth) all return home from prison. Typically, things have changed in the old neighborhood. Hirsute Ricky (Robb Wells) and weird Bubbles (Mike Smith) are growing a new dope farm and Lahey's old manager's trailer is now occupied by a new park boss (that would be Ricky). Things go downhill from there as subsequent episodes find a battle for possession of the park financed by pot, Bubbles takes on a wrestling persona as the Green Bastard, a cougar residing in the marijuana fields beats hell out of several of these losers, and Julian is mistaken for a Sasquatch. If one is new to Trailer Park Boys, getting used to the mockumentary-style textures, rhythms, and language of the show takes a little time. But once one adapts, this Canadian comedy is well worth the effort. ===DVD Features===


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