: : : Trade
===Story=== Two different girls from very different backgrounds are both sold into prostitution and the sex slave industry. One is a Romanian girl forced into sex slavery after being promised a better life in America. The brother of the other girl--a Mexican girl abducted and forced into the trade--joins forces with a cop and discovers he is the father of a young daughter who is also likely a sex slave.


Kevin KlineRay Sheridan
Alicja BachledaVeronica
Paulina GaitanAdriana
Linda EmondPatty Sheridan
Zack WardAlex Green
Kate del CastilloLaura
Tim ReidHank Jefferson
Pasha D. LychnikoffVadim Youchenko
Guillermo IvánAlejandro
Christian VasquezMoncho
José SefamiDon Victor

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5.9 / 10