: : : TNA - Nevermore: Best of Raven

TNA - Nevermore: Best of Raven

===Story=== The famous Edgar Allen Poe quote has served as Raven's trademark for many years. Ironically, Raven's legacy in TNA Wrestling may mirror that of the writer, as he spirals into madness in his quest to achieve his self-described "destiny" to become NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Much like Jim Morrison's personality transcended music, Raven's career has transcended wrestling – with a touch of pure evil! In this exclusive double-disc DVD, you'll see four hours of the best of Raven in TNA Wrestling. - TNA Wrestling.com Over 8 matches fro your viewing pleasure, and they're amlost all as bloody and sadistic as the man himself. A must for any WWE or TNA fan.
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