===Story=== The mysterious ''Time Out'' is a riveting film, despite (because of?) the fact that hardly anything happening in it corresponds to our notion of movie "action." Vincent (Aurélien Recoing, a top French theater actor but cinematic newcomer) is an out-of-work family man living along the Swiss border. He's never told anyone he's lost his job with a U.N. bureau. He leaves home in the morning--when not working out of his (nonexistent) Geneva apartment--and does things like go to an all-glass office tower and hover as if he belonged. Vincent's excellent at seeming to belong; Recoing's performance is an uncanny symphony of collegial tics, benign watchfulness, and shy, tolerant shrugs. Eventually we gather that Vincent is running a swindle, the ease of which seems to quietly horrify him. However, the most unsettling thing about his fictional work posture is that we come to realize it's scarcely less genuine than, or different from, the shell game that is the real thing. ''--Richard T. Jameson''


Karin Viard
Aur?en Recoing

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